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  • Prepare Yourself for the New SAT Pattern

    Prepare Yourself for the New SAT Pattern
    Thursday, November 19, 2015

    A new revised SAT exams will be introduced in the year 2016. The new SAT exam will see drastic changes in what’s tested, the pattern of scoring and how you can prepare for it. The new test pattern will comprise of three sections, writing and evidence based reading, an optional essay, and mathematics; you will have to justify your answer rather than just picking answers on your test sheet. The duration of the test time will be reduced by 45 minutes; the new test will only take three hours with an extra 50 minutes for essay writing.

    The Chopra’s Institute of Technical Education

    The Chopras Institute conducts courses where students are given coaching in order to prepare themselves for the SAT exam. At the Chopra’s Institute, experienced teachers’ coach and guide students enabling them to excel in this exam paving their way to admissions in leading international institutions. Backed with a well-qualified and experienced teaching faculty selected from some of the topmost institutions from across India and who have undergone a thorough training schedule. These teachers go through a continuous evaluation process where their coaching abilities and knowledge in their specialized subjects are constantly checked to ensure that they provide the best coaching to students.

    Personalized coaching

    In order to provide personalized attention to students, the size of each batch is kept low in order to make sure that every student excels in the exam, gets a thorough idea as to the basic concepts of the exam and develops the right strategy for the test. The Chopras offer an all inclusive plan consisting of 5 points which are centred on the requirements and needs of the student. Students who wish to prepare for the SAT exam will benefit from these 5 points by taking a demo class prior to enrolling, each students progress will be monitored after class hours, providing extra coaching and strategies that are result-oriented enabling students to improve their test scores, increasing levels of aptitude by conducting specially made question pools and important quiz tools, alter question banks that correspond to the test exams.

    Excellent Coaching facilities

    SAT coaching centres offer excellent coaching facilities to students appearing for the SAT exam. Relevant and frequently tested contents are used in order to familiarise students with the SAT exam and utilize the allotted time in an efficient manner in order to get the best scores. The reference and study material provided by The Chopras is continually customized and updated and this also includes practice test papers enabling students to address areas of specific concern. In order to help students identify their testing patterns and work in a more focused manner personalised reports are generated which identify the strengths and weaknesses of students. Strategies that are result-oriented help students to increase speed and also helps them to attain accuracy.

    Practical result-oriented coaching.

    The Chopras carry out their training programme by conducting practice tests, timed drills as well as basic content, which are based on the patterns of the actual SAT exam. The intensive coaching provided by The Chopras which lasts for 2 to 3 months is backed by their centre resources and in- house library that is available to students for 6 months. The schedule of the classes comprises of modules that are divided with each one of them being focused on a specific topic that is tested in SAT. Flexibility of schedules is provided to students with regards to time slots and course duration where a student can attend weekend classes as per their daily schedules.

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