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  • Preparing for GRE? Get Sentence Completion Tips for GRE

    Preparing for GRE?  Get Sentence Completion Tips for GRE
    Monday, August 03, 2015

    If you are preparing for your GRE exams any time soon, you must necessarily focus on the verbal section. In this section, there are a total of five to seven sentence completion questions. If you do not wish to waste valuable time on these questions, you must first familiarize yourself with the directions. This way, you can leave the time you would spend going through directions for the other sections of the exam.

    Remember that one of the easiest parts of this exam is sentence completion. Here are a few essential sentence completion tips for GRE –

    • Be on the lookout for the key phrase or word in the sentence that captures the essence of it. Even before you go through the answer choices, you must keep this key to solution in mind as it makes it easy for you to anticipate the answer.

    • Find a synonym for your word by uncovering the answer choices after you think of your own everyday word. To avoid any confusion, cover the answer choices on the screen.

    • To get familiar with the level of difficulty with each test question, be sure to practice a lot of actual tests.

    • Unless the answer is extremely easy, be hundred percent sure of the definition before you eliminate choices

    • If you are reminded of the question on difficult items, avoid making easy choices.

    • Beginning with the easier blank, it is a good idea tackling one blank at a time. As compared to one blank sentence completion, it is tougher to complete two blank sentences. Easier blank is usually the second one in the difficult and medium-difficult questions.

    • If you definitely do not know the answer and also find it difficult to anticipate the ET answer, there is no choice but to make general guesses. For this, look for a positive connotation for each missing words and make general guesses to eliminate choices.

    • To find effective clues to ET answers, look for sentence completion trigger words and pay careful attention. Some of the trigger words to look for include but, yet, rather, although, while, even though, though, heretofore, in contrast, unfortunately, however, despite, previously and so on.

    • Remember that difficult questions always have difficult answers and the easy ones always have easy answers. If you are unable to identify the right answer after a lot of effort, just pick the hardest words and make your choice.

    Sentence completion strategy based on level of difficulty –

    Difficult questions –

    • Anticipate ET answer by carefully reading the sentence and finding the key phrase or word.

    • As hard answers are almost always right for hard sentence completions, never be tempted to choose the easy words. If you find words that easily remind you of the sentence, eliminate those choices.

    • Find clues to missing words by carefully choosing the trigger words.

    • If you have to fill in two blank sentences, focus on one at a time, preferably the easier one.

    • Select the harder words if you fail at every strategy.

    Medium difficulty questions –

    • Anticipate the answer by carefully identifying key phrase or word.

    • Eliminate words based on whether they are good or bad words if you are confused.

    • Tackle one blank at a time on the two blank sentences.

    • Find clues by focusing on the trigger words.

    Easy questions –

    • Follow the same pattern. Anticipate the answer by finding the right phrase or word.

    • Almost all answers to easy questions are easy. So, do not waste time going through the hard words.

    • For easy questions, it pays to trust your instincts. However, you must never be careless.

    • Here again, eliminate choices based on whether you think the words are good or bad.

    • Tackle one blank at a time, preferably the easier one to eliminate careless errors on the two blank sentences.

    • Last but not the least, practice identifying trigger words, so you will not waste time on each question at the exam.

    Take advantage of the rich GRE sentence completion practice resources offered by coaching centres to master this section.

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