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  • Requirements for Different Student Visas in France

    Requirements for Different Student Visas in France
    Friday, August 14, 2015

    The requirement of a French student visa depends on your nationality, that is, if you are from EU or from EEA, you will not require a student visa in France, all you require is a valid travel ID or a valid passport. There are quite a lot of options for student visa in France, which depends on the amount of time you require to be in France besides the course you require to take. We will first look at the different student visas available here.

    1. Short stay visa or the Schengen visa

    If you intend taking up a course of three months or less and are sure of not being in France for a longer period, then you need to apply for this visa, which is a short-term visa. You should be aware that this visa is unable to be renewed and does not cost anything.

    2. Visa for Entrance Exam

    If you are required to appear for an entrance exam in university, which can be more than one, then you need to apply for an entrance exam visa which is also known as visa de court sejour etudiant concours. If you mange to pass in the exam then you need to apply for a residence permit of one year which is renewable.

    3. Long-stay visa on a Temporary basis

    This temporary visa for a long stay can give you permission for education in France for a time span of six months. You will not require a separate residence permit.

    4. Long stay visa

    Now, if you are required to be in France for your studies for a period of six months and more, you will be required to apply for visa of long stay, the extended stay VLT-TS. This visa also is considered a permit of residence and can last for the duration of your education in France, bachelor’s degree it is three years, and for a PhD four years and two years for a master’s.

    Applying for a visa in France

    Students from many countries will be required to apply for the visa from the country’s national official agency also known as the Campus France. If the country you originate from is not in the list, then you will be required to apply for the university and the visa on your own. The visa application can be forwarded only after you have been accepted in a course in a French university. For the required visa, you can contact the French consulate in your country and provide them with

    1. The letter of acceptance in a course in a French institution which is an officially headed document giving total study details  along with dates of this program, that is, when it starts and when this ends.

    2. Evidence of funds to support your stay in France. This can be done by providing a guarantor’s letter, a bank

    statement or the funding by a scholarship or a loan.

    3. You will be required to show evidence of your ticket back home, which can be the ticket itself or even a statement proving your intent.

    4. Evidence of biomedical insurance.

    5. To prove your accommodation arrangements, you can provide a confirmation of housing for a student or a certificate of lodging and boarding if you intend staying with relatives or friends.

    6. If you have taken a French course, you need to prove your proficiency in the French language.

    French Student Visa for working

    An international student who has acquired a residence permit, which is valid, can opt for paid work for a period of 964 hours on an annual basis.

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