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  • SAT Exam – Aspects You Must Know About

    SAT Exam – Aspects You Must Know About
    Friday, August 21, 2015

    When it comes to college admission, it is extremely important for Indian students to score decently in their SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test. This test spans for a total of four hours and features 170 questions. In order to efficiently crack this test, it is imperative to prepare well in advance and learn how to answer questions effortlessly.

    If you are planning on taking your SAT exam any time soon, here are a few powerful tips on preparing optimally for it.

    Preparing for SAT – Preparing for SAT is not about memorising answers to questions. In order to ensure an overall stress-free experience, it is imperative to prepare your mind and body. This will help avoid making blunders in the exam due to stress. Prepare for the exam well in advance in a focused manner but remember to take sufficient refreshing breaks in between study sessions. Get a lot of fresh air and rejuvenate your body and mind periodically.

    Understanding the test format – It is also important to choose your learning materials carefully. Choose reliable materials that feature questions most likely to be asked in the SAT exam. By choosing the right SAT coaching centre, there is no way you will go wrong.

    Handling pressure – SAT exam is definitely not a walk in the park but not too difficult too if you know how to handle pressure and exam-related stress. If you are the type who takes a lot of time going through each and every question and reviewing your answers, you may have to change your method. As this exam features a vast paper spanning nine sections, you may have little time on hand for each question. You have to be alert and aware throughout and answer questions quickly. This takes a lot of practice which means you will have to start your preparations well in advance.

    Expand your vocabulary – SAT exam has a reading section where candidates are asked to complete sentences. The aim here is to test your vocabulary which means you must learn a lot of words and their meanings. Start your preparations years in advance with one of the top coaching centres.

    Focus on your writing skills – During your SAT exam preparations, focus on writing good essays in a short period of time. Practice writing structured essays with decent grammar and present your arguments in a logical manner.

    Go through questions carefully – Before you panic and start answering questions in confusion, take a few breaths and go through each question carefully before you start writing. Most questions, especially the math questions can be tricky. Unless you take time understanding the question, you may choose the wrong answer. As points are deducted in this exam for wrong answers, it is a good idea leaving the question blank if you are not sure of the answer.

    SAT exam is easy to crack if you are dedicated and sincere during your study sessions. Practice how to plan your time efficiently by breaking up sections carefully. Allocate enough time for each section and never remain stuck at a question for long. You can always come back to unanswered questions later if you have the time after completing the section.

    Confidence is the key. With a lot of practice, you are bound to be more confident. Remember that if you have average intelligence, it is enough for you to score high in SAT. There is no cause for undue panic or nervousness. Choose the best SAT coaching centre to help you with your exam preparations and you can be sure not to fail in your effort.

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