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  • SAT-Verbal Tips

    SAT-Verbal Tips
    Friday, September 04, 2015

    If you have been preparing for your SAT exam, you must be familiar with the verbal section. Most people panic just thinking about how they are going to handle their critical reading evaluation. Especially for Indian students, this seems a daunting task. Students tend to grumble about this section and are at a loss as to how to get a perfect score. If you are serious about improving your SAT verbal section score, here are a few valuable inputs.

    Evaluate the tone of the author at the beginning of the reading section. Read the opening with great care as it is here that you can gauge the contents of the entire passage. Your verbal section will be easy if you understand clearly as to what the passage focuses on. Take a lot of time reading carefully and slowly. This will help you understand the intrinsic content of the passage and note important points that will help you answer questions accurately.

    One of the most essential SAT verbal tips is that you must focus and dive deep for the pearls. Most students are under the wrong impression that you can skim through most of the SAT critical reading sections. Doing this could be a blunder. Passages contain many pearls of truth. In order to pick up the most important content from the passages, it is imperative to go through the entire content including the nonsensical content designed to throw you off track.

    Mark areas in the passage that stand out. Practice recognizing the important points and circle them before moving on. As you start answering questions at the end of the passage, go back to circled areas for reference. The trick here is to identify important portions and highlight them. Keep in mind the key opinion of the author, the main idea he or she is trying to convey and the entire purpose of the passage.

    Without doubt, answers to each and every question asked is contained within the passage you just read, skimmed through and highlighted. It is there in front of your eyes. Take time carefully going back to the passage to find the right answers. If the question requires you to reference a particular portion of the passage, read through it carefully, read a certain part of the passage before and after the referenced portion to get a clear understanding. Take time in finding the right answer using the time you saved with skimming.

    To score high in the SAT Verbal, it is imperative to know exactly how to navigate through the passage and find the anchor points. As a student, you must have the necessary fortitude as SAT critical reading is a tricky process. In order to confuse you, the passage may feature similarly worded answers for many questions. Worse still, you may find highly logical and rational answers that have practically no connection to the author’s opinion, to the main idea and purpose of the passage. Certain answers are in fact never even mentioned in the reading selection. One of the most effective methods to master is to eliminate answers that are certainly not probable. In order to do this efficiently, you must master the art of reading through the questions and answers with great focus. Completely focus till you find the answers practically jumping off the page.

    These are some of the SAT verbal tips you can benefit from. Your strength lies in your alertness and depends entirely on your practice. Most importantly, trust your instinct and you will never fail. Practice your verbal reading skills with reputed, reliable and well-designed courses at leading coaching centres.

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