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  • Scholarships Applications - 5 Types Of Overseas Student Scholarships

    Scholarships Applications - 5 Types Of Overseas Student Scholarships
    Tuesday, June 09, 2015

    There is no need to give a break to your dream of studying abroad because of lack of finance. You will find a number of scholarships that will make your dream come true and ensure that you get success. All that you need to do is get detailed information on these scholarships along with the requirements and go about them in a systematic and planned manner. If you find the requirements confusing, then you have the option of taking professional guidance. You will find that there are umpteen consultants out there to guide you. Make sure to contact one who is experienced in helping students get the required scholarship. Let us see 5 types international student scholarships.

    1. Country- specific scholarships

    If you have a specific country where you would like to go to for your studies, you can start your search by the name of the country where you want to study. When you go through the requirements, you will get a fair idea whether you fit the criteria required for these countries. You will find that Corporations, Universities and the Government do recognise that certain section of students deserve scholarships and go all the way in assisting them. You can also get detailed information by overseas study consultants The Chopras who are clearly aware about all the details.

    2. Scholarships which are student-specific

    These scholarships can also be termed as ‘minority scholarships’ as they tend to target the minority groups who are at a disadvantage due to lack of finances. These scholarships are also given to students with specific characteristics like religion, gender, race or probably, medical grounds.

    3. Scholarships based on performance and merit

    The top most universities always like to rope in students who can be termed as ‘the cream’ in education. They always encourage students to apply in their universities, due to which these scholarships are awarded.

    4. Keeping your career in focus

    The students who wish to pursue education in the field where there is a shortage of skill can get various scholarships to complete their education. The completion for their education will ensure that universities can produce talent in the specific areas where there is shortage. This helps the employers to pick the right talent required without looking for other options.

    5. Scholarships awarded on basis of need

    The predominant factor that needs to be considered for this scholarship is financial need. Students who find the very concept of studying abroad far from their reach are considered for these scholarships. Of course, the academic profiles are taken into consideration before this scholarship is granted, but the monetary position of the family is the prime factor. These scholarships can include the cost of living abroad, the cost of the books besides the tuition fees, which can be partial or full, depending on the circumstances.

    Take the right assistance

    Although there is a lot of information and directions on how to be successful in getting a scholarship, you need the help of consultants to get to know other vital details of the scholarships. As they are in constant touch with the different universities, they will be able to guide you appropriately and also go all the way to help you with required scholarships, visa and other formalities and requirements, like pre-departure briefing or even accommodation. Scholarships are one way to ensure that deserving students are not left stranded in life, giving up on their careers.  Apply for scholarships and give wings to your dreams!

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