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  • Student's Packing Guide for Canada

    Student's Packing Guide for Canada
    Wednesday, November 25, 2015

    Studying is an experience which can enrich the mind and broaden horizons. But, that is if you make the right choice of the course you are interested in and also the location. Canada is a place that gives you a wide range of options in different courses offered in different universities. You will find almost 12 universities here which are ranked in the Times Higher Education Supplement 200. Besides the tuition fees being affordable, you also have an opportunity to work while you are here. As you have already chosen your destination for study abroad and have gone through the initial preparation of applying in the desired university, and all set with your visa, you will need to plan your packing very carefully as you will be away from home for a long period of time and you cannot think of taking a flight back home if you tend to miss out on something which is important.

    The Basic Packing


    The essentials should cover all the documents which include visa, passport, itinerary, plane tickets and more. It is advisable to get copies of all the documents so that you are assured of their safety and security.

    * At least $100 in the local currency which is required for the initial few days till you are able to find an ATM.

    * Additional contact lens/eye glasses.

    * Prescription drugs adequate for the time you need to spend here with the documentation being proper.

    * A backpack is useful for the daily up-down with all the essential documents.

    * Computer with the charger

    *Camera with charger and chords.

    *Adapters and the converter.


    Make sure to pack clothing for at least a week. You need to include warm wear as this country tends to be on the colder side. Clothing should include trousers, jeans, shirts, t-shirts, shoes, slippers, under garments, night wear, swim suit (If you are fond of swimming), Thermals, Jackets/coats, formals, warm gloves, hat or scarves. Your toiletries can include soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, nail clippers and more.

    Miscellaneous Packing

    You can add some miscellaneous articles for your convenience like travel books, sunglasses, watch and even linen. This depends on how light you wish to travel. You can think of carrying two suitcases which are of a normal size and not more as you can buy whatever is required from Canada. Clothes which can be drip-dried and do not require ironing will save you from a lot of hassles. In case you opt for clothes which are interchangeable then you can easily mix and match instead of carrying a bulk. Packing should be in such a way that your important documents, money, some toiletries, prescription medicines are in the carry-on baggage, in case of your baggage getting lost.

    Webinars are helpful

    You can think of attending a webinar before you leave as with this you will be able to sort out most of your questions about the place you are going to. You can interact and get your answers and the speakers will guide you on how to travel in accordance to the place. As these are informative you get information on the rules and regulations of the place and what is allowed and what is restricted. You have many education counsellors holding this often, all that you will need to do is go through the different websites and register for the one which is suitable to you. You are provided with the course information besides the details of the place you are going to. This can keep you well informed and increase your comfort level once you reach the place.

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