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  • Student Visa Interview Applicable For Some Countries

    Student Visa Interview Applicable For Some Countries
    Friday, August 07, 2015

    Any student who wishes to go abroad for further studies is always worried and tense about the visa interview to be given during the visa application process. You can heave a sigh of relief as all countries do not require this interview. Most students seem to dread appearing before the interrogating officer and being questioned after the initial application process and the admission in a specific university or college is done. The very panic caused by the thought of giving an interview makes the students commit errors and get rejected.

    Let us find out which are the countries opted by students for higher studies that do not require student interview for visa.

    1.  US- Mandatory

    You need to know that applying in the US, you will need to go through the interview for the visa, especially if you are applying for F1 Visa.  This interview is a clinical check making sure that only genuine students can enter US. For this interview, you need to prove that you intend returning to your hometown and do not intend to settle in the US. You might be asked details of your future employment and long-range plans besides family details. If you intend studying English in the US, you need to explain how this is going to help in your home country.

    2.  UK – Conditional

    As UK has managed to reintroduce visa interview, there is a possibility of a student being asked to appear for an interview with the visa officer. Most likely, these interviews are especially for those who have been declined in the past for a visa or even if your scores in the standardised tests are on the lower side.  For UK, there is a requirement of the credibility factor taken into consideration, which might lead you to giving an interview. Once you fail to appear for an interview and are not able to provide a suitable reason for doing so, there are chances of you being rejected.

    3. Canada- Conditional

    You can say, in Canada there are no interviews for study permits. However, if your documents seem to be improper or you have managed to fill in the wrong information and this is noticed by the visa officer, you might be called for an interview. As in other countries, even Canada accepts genuine students with open arms and prefers giving such students an opportunity to study in their universities and colleges rather than those students who tend to keep the authorities misinformed.

    4. Australia- Conditional

    Each applicant is considered an individual case and the officer decides whether an interview is required or not. These interviews are based depending on the university chosen by you along with the course. You might be questioned on your capabilities of studying in a foreign location and the reason for opting a specific university. You might have to show your GRE score as a part of the process for visa application. You will also require to name the sponsor and the university from where you have obtained your qualifications. For a student visa in Australia, you might be interviewed on the phone or be called to the high commission; you can also be asked certain information via mail or at times be rejected without an interview.

    5. Germany –Mandatory

    Since an interview for a student visa in Germany is mandatory you need to schedule an appointment at the German Embassy. The procedure for the process for the application for a German student visa might differ. You will need to give details about the course you have opted for, the reasons for choosing Germany as your study destination, your experience, if any, besides your financial status and if you have made any arrangements for accommodation.

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