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  • Study Abroad 101: Trinity College Dublin

    Study Abroad 101: Trinity College Dublin
    Tuesday, April 18, 2017

    One of the celebrated poets and also the chief architects of the society of United Irishmen, William Drennan once stated in his poem “When the Erin First Rose” like this; “...The emerald of Europe, it sparkled and shone, In the ring of the world the most precious stone…

    Following our previous blogpost, here we begin with the short series of posts on the top ranked universities and colleges of higher education in Ireland. Let us begin our journey with one of the oldest colleges in the country - The Trinity College, Dublin.

    Right from the brilliant education system to top courses and infrastructure, Trinity offers so much to study abroad aspirants that one can simply not be inconsiderate of this college!

    The Trinity and Its Holy History!

    For as ancient is the concept of ‘Holy Trinity’, the Trinity College Dublin was set up in the year 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I. Standing tall as the topmost institution not only in the country, Trinity college ranks 98 in the QS World University Rankings 2016. The college is home to over 17,000 students from 122 countries in its various 600 course options for higher education.

    We urge our readers to open the doors of their imagination and let it spin the magic of recreating the experience of studying in Trinity College Dublin (TCD)!

    Spread across a lush green 47-acre campus at the heart of Dublin’s city centre, the Trinity College Dublin offers a rich culture, diverse artistic talent and lively fellow students turning your study abroad experience into a Long Walk to Remember.

    Studying in Trinity College also comes with experiencing the culture capital of Ireland - Dublin.

    Trinity College Dublin had a high ‘Graduate Employability Ranking” of 71 in 2016 meaning that the college and the prospective employers support a student’s knowledge, skills, reflective disposition and identity well which in turn helps them to succeed in the workforce.

    Dublin- A Prime Location to Study and Live!

    With the last recorded population density of just 67 people per square kilometer, Ireland is not much crowded and so is the capital city Dublin. Its people are young, passionate, lively and always infused with creative energy. The city is a premium choice of globally acclaimed companies to set up their headquarters in the city. Living here while you study in Trinity, rest assured that you are definitely going to befriend people from countries that you may or may not have yet visited. Cultural exchange at its best!

    Even if you are a less-talking person and an introvert, you are never going to get bored of living in Dublin because people here are so chatty that instead of asking you “ How are you?” you are probably going to be asked “ So, what’s the story?”. The night is forever young in the city and that is how the Irish prefer to keep it. Interesting right?

    How Does Studying in Trinity Complements a Nature Lover?

    If you love to be in the vicinity of nature then living and studying in Trinity College is more than a blessing in disguise because the beaches, botanical gardens or natural landscapes like parks/mountains are within 30 minutes journey from Dublin. Packed with all the basic amenities, Dublin offers everything from medical, healthcare, transportations to wellness centers all suitable for your student life at your calling.

    Academic Highlight!

    The library of Trinity not only lets you walk into the centuries old sound academia, but will invigorate your senses of knowledge by opening its portal of exotic learning.

    The deposit library at Trinity College Dublin is capable of holding over 6 million mighty volumes. A treat for readers! [Click to Tweet]

    Trinity College Dublin has more than 40% international faculty that takes care of most student needs.[Click to Tweet]

    There are over 200 student societies and sports clubs to explore while you study in Trinity College Dublin![Click to Tweet]

    Trinity has publications in 18 fields that are among top 1% worldwide. [Click to Tweet]

    Popular Courses


    It is indeed one of the most compassionate and noble professions requiring the nurse to be able to assist an individual in leading a healthy lifestyle, recover from illness and if it comes to that then a peaceful death. Nursing is one of the widely chosen courses which also enjoys a high ranking in global ranking platforms. Course in Nursing from Trinity ranks 36 in QS world university rankings of 2016. Aspiring Nursing students can explore the following courses offered by the Trinity College in both UG as well as PG levels.

    UG- Dental Nursing, General Nursing, Intellectual Disability Nursing and Mental Health Nursing.
    PG- Children's Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Specialist practice.

    The post study work opportunities are indeed vibrant as the degree in nursing from Trinity will surely land you places.


    Also popularly known as MBA, the Masters in Business Administrations one of the high ranked courses offered by the Trinity that aims at developing a student’s leadership and general management skills making you a perfect fit for the industry. Ranking 5th in all Europe, studying MBA in Ireland especially Trinity will give you a competitive edge when it comes to perspective strategy, analytical, creative and industry specific skills.

    According to the listings by Eduniversal in 2015-16, the full-time MBA course in Trinity is not only at par but above to that of Cambridge, Oxford, and also UCD’s Smurfit Institute!


    Ranking 88th under Arts and Humanities, this is one of the well designed study courses offered by Trinity that ensures very rewarding and exciting career prospects. The students of Language and culture studies in Trinity have major learning goals of enhancing their oral/written communications with extensive research methodologies and cultural literacy. Understanding the cultural, ethnic, social, and religious dimensions of a society, state or whole country is crucial for this course. With preliminary courses on Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, German, Hebrew, Hispanic, French, Russian studies and further going into details of each is more than just studying.
    The students have the opportunity to explore the ageless cultures and their historical significance to understand how they evolved in their present forms. Apart from developing their linguistic skills, students have the opportunity to improve their multi- language proficiency that will surely give them a competitive edge when it comes to post study placements.

    There are opportunities to shape your career in the international affairs, law, business, foreign service, education among other exciting fields!


    Did you know that Trinity College Dublin has over 92,000 alumni and 2,860 members of staff?

    Scholarships for International Students

    Along with their mission to impart global education standards, Trinity college also strives to help international students, especially from the Non-EU countries, to get access to higher education. In order to help deserving students get admission in its top courses in both undergraduate and post-graduate levels, the Trinity college offers:


    • Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships

    • India Undergraduate Scholarships

    • Sports Scholarships

    • Choral Scholarships

    Apart from which there are also Governmental and external scholarships and fundings available!



    • Post Graduate Global Excellence Scholarships

    • Master Scholarships in School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies.

    Which other way to end it than to quote Charles Haughey, former Taoiseach (prime minister) of Ireland, as he once said:

    “Ireland is where strange tales begin and happy endings are possible”

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