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  • Study in Amity Dubai - all you need to know!

    Study in Amity Dubai - all you need to know!
    Thursday, November 16, 2017

    In our previous blog, we introduced you to a brilliant and emerging study abroad destination- Dubai. We discussed the opportunities that Dubai offers to international students aspiring to pursue their higher education abroad. In addition to it, the blog also served as a tool to understand how studying at Amity University Dubai is going to make a big difference in your higher education pursuit.

    Taking a step further, today we are going to gain a few more insights on your plans to study in Dubai.


    • Compared with other popular study abroad destinations, Dubai keeps a close monitoring on its education system to ensure quality at par with global standards.
    • Dubai offers an open environment for business (Free Port & Tax-Free Country) resulting in a lot of opportunities across different fields & sectors. No wonder that many of the world's leading MNCs have their offices established in Dubai.
    • Finding employment in Dubai post completion of your studies is comparatively easier as compared to other destinations.
    • Excellent Pay packages and since it is a Tax-Free zone, net earnings are always higher.
    • Lineant visa regulations make it easier to enter Dubai even for average profiles


    The visa tenure for studying in Dubai is around 1 Year requiring students to get their visas renewed annually; although, in case of Amity University, it files and sponsors your visa!


    • Visa process is fairly simple taking around 3-4 weeks in Normal Visa Application while 8-10 days in an express Visa application.
    • Being a University-sponsored Visa, it is noteworthy that none of the Visa files have been rejected to date.
    • Students neither require to show funds for Visa nor face any embassy interview or assessment. You just need to pay your 1st-semester fees & necessary Visa deposits to get the visa.


    • 100% PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE: Amity University Dubai offers excellent internship & placement assistance to all its full-time students.
    • 2 YEAR EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT: Students once placed will be on a 2-year employment contract with their respective employer.


    • PART TIME WORK DURING STUDIES: International Students can work while studying upon completion of 1 year in Dubai in various clusters (Gazette issued by the Dubai Government Attached)
    • PROVISION OF FULL-TIME WORK & EVENING STUDY OPTIONS: You have an opportunity to convert your BBA, B.Com & MBA programs to 'working professionals mode' upon securing a full-time Job while studying in Dubai.
    • 2 YEARS WORK PERMIT: Once a candidate is employed in Dubai; he/she will normally have a 2-year employment contract/sponsored visa with the employer.

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