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  • Study in France: Eligibility Criteria For Undergraduate Courses

    Study in France: Eligibility Criteria For Undergraduate Courses
    Friday, October 09, 2015

    You find students flocking to France for various reasons, some of the reasons being the rich culture, the architecture, the heritage, besides the educational system, which is considered as advanced and one of the most efficient systems globally. You have options of short-term courses along with the long-term courses offered by the French universities, which gives you an opportunity to choose the one in accordance to your requirement. Let us look into the eligibility criteria for admission in France.

    Eligibility Criteria for admission

    Opting for higher studies, students need to choose from two types of educational institutes, The Competitive Institutes and the universities. You can think of the French university where you require:

    1. A French baccalaureat  or a degree equivalent to this, and you also require to pass the entrance exam of the university in your own home country. If you are interested in the technology institutes, you will be required to appear for a personal interview.
    2. To gain entrance in the French grandes ecoles, you are required to have a diploma, which is equivalent to the baccalaureat. You will be ranked in accordance to the competitive exams, which are conducted at the end of the CGPE programme, which is a preparation for the entrance exam and lasts for two years.

    The application process in France

    You can download the application form from the university’s website or ask for the same from the university you need to apply. You need to be informed that the academic year here starts from September or October. You need to complete the form along with your signature and enclose the agreement for enrolment besides paying the fees, which are non-refundable. You will be required to give detailed information about your grades and the course subjects. Besides the above mentioned you also need to

    1. Show evidence of assets and funds for your studies here.

    2. A valid passport.

    3. You will need to provide an official transcript from every institute you have passed out from after your secondary school with details of the credits involved, subjects and diplomas, correspondence courses and any other course you have passed.

    4. If you do not have these documents in English, you need to send copies that are translated and attested or certified by a notary public, an official of the institute these documents are from or from a solicitor.

    5. International students require to include the TOEFL/IELTS scores proving their proficiency in the English language.

    The Procedure for Admission

    Once you have submitted your application with all the details you are offered a place in a French university, but you need the student visa before this. Once you reach France, you will be required to pay the fees for the academic year after reporting to the institution. You will then get your student ID card along with a proof of your enrolment, which is required for the residency permit. Once the registration process is done with, you need to report to the department in the specific institution.

    The Tuition Fees

    Though you might find that the tuition fees in Public universities follow a specific pattern, like, for the first half of the bachelor’s degree you will be required to pay 169 EUR annually. For the engineering courses and medical courses, the fees vary in accordance to the programme. Private institutes charge differently, so you need to make a choice and opt for the one, which can fit your requirement. You have some of the universities having enrolments all through the year, it is advisable to apply as early as possible to ensure you get the admission well in time.

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