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  • Study in France: Post Study Work Permits for Indian students

    Study in France: Post Study Work Permits for Indian students
    Thursday, October 01, 2015

    Studying in France can be pleasurable and all the more enticing if you plan to stay there for a little longer period for working. This can be worked out if you get a fair idea about the rules regarding work permit after you have completed your studies. There are various types of work permits available with student visas and here is some information for your guidance

    Most of us who wish to study abroad hold a desire to work in the very same country, as the experience makes a whole lot of difference to the resume. Working in the same country can be a great help for paying off the loan you might have taken or even might be helpful for finding a permanent place in that country.

    Work permissions in France post study

    You will find that for France, you need to know the different kind of student visas applicable here. You can say that students opting for short term or small courses in France are not able to stay here. The whole scenario changes when you have decided on a long term course like masters, or even a bachelors and also have the Visa de long sejour Etudes, in other words, a visa for long stay in France. You can think of staying in France in this scenario.

    The allowed tenures

    As per the rules of immigration for France once a student has completed their studies, they need to leave the country, but are able to apply for a resident visa if they are employed and are being paid. You can say bachelor degrees holders can think of staying if they have the required work permit, but if you have passed the masters, you can think of getting a temporary residence permit, which is APS for almost 24 months. The visa holders in France need to make certain clarifications from the Visa office as there was a rule stating 12 months and now it is 24. This will work out a wise decision to avoid any hassles.

    The French work permit and the application

    You find that in France the labour market is only accessible to

    1. Registered French companies.

    2. Foreign MNC’s who are in partnership with a French partner who is registered.

    3. Students who are studying in French universities for courses that are recognised by the government of France, but the hitch being a student cannot take any full-time job. They need to opt for only part-time jobs.

    Procedure for work permits for students

    Once you get admission in a French university and opt for a course, which is recognised by the French government, you need to apply for the student visa at the embassy. Once you arrive, you need to apply for residency permit for a ‘student’. After you have completed your studies you get a time span of 6 to 12 months to look for employment, which is a ‘full-time contract’. You can think of ‘part-time’ jobs when you are studying. Your employer will need to inform the department of labour once the ‘full-time’ contract is signed. The immigration department is also to be informed besides the labour department. After the immigration department pays you a medical visit you will be issued the ‘employed’ residence permit.

    Getting a work permit for Indians post study is easier as compared to the other sectors. Now, students who can find employment more than 1.5 of the guarantee of the minimum wage he/she needs to apply for the work permit. Now, since the French government has decided to make it easy for Indian students to stay in France the procedures seem to have eased out.

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Comment By Surya teja On Friday, September 16, 2016, 7:53 PM

Hi, I am surya Teja . I want to pursue masters in hospitality and tourism management in France. So, after the completion of my course how many months can I stay in France in search of job ( Temporary work permit visa ) and what is the level of part time/full time jobs in France for India students during the study period and after the completion of course.
Comment By Santosh On Saturday, August 12, 2017, 12:16 AM

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