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  • Study in Singapore: Student Visa Information Guide

    Study in Singapore: Student Visa Information Guide
    Wednesday, July 29, 2015

    There are multiple options for studying abroad and yet you find many students opting for Singapore for their higher education. This is due to the fact that Singapore is closer to home, the living expenses and the tuition fees work out more reasonable as compared to other places, it offers a lot of safety to the students as the law enforcement policy here is very strict. You also find that Singapore can boast of zero tolerance as far as drugs and racism are concerned. Besides this, if you perform well in academics, there are high chances of employment here. For all this and to get to Singapore for higher education, you need to have some information on the visa requirements.

    The type of visa required for Singapore

    You are required to apply for a Student’s Pass only after you have received your letter of acceptance from a university or an institute of higher education. This acceptance letter has a validity of two weeks. The student pass is another word for visa and is required for your stay in Singapore. If you already hold an Immigration Exemption Order or a Dependent Pass, you are not required to go through the procedure for a student pass. This application for a Student’s Pass need to be made to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and can be done online by using the system for Student’s Pass Online Application & Registration or in other words SOLAR.

    The Time factor for this application and processing

    You need to make sure you sent the application not less than a month and not more than 2 months before your course begins, that is, if you are applying for the first time. The process of these applications is quick not taking more than 10 days, considered working days. It is definitely advisable to apply as early as possible so that there are no tensions in the last minute as there might be some application, which can take longer.

    Cost of applying for a student visa for Singapore

    For the submission of your application you are charged INR 1,131.53 for every application and once the Student Pass is issued, you will need to pay INR2,262.91. You need to be aware that a student visa for an Indian is applied by the university.

    Requirements for student visa

    1. You need to show evidence of your finance, now if your funds are in the form of fixed deposits you need a letter from the bank stating the funds being available. The funds should include the Tuition fees besides 8400 SGD.

    2. International student application form besides the valid passport with one photo of passport size, which is less than a period of six months.

    3. The visa application fee along with the statements from your bank, along with the Transcripts, which should include the 10th standard grades.

    4. The sponsor should give an affidavit of support on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.20/-. You cannot overlook the work experience certificates and the receipts of the fixed deposit and a sanction letter from the bank for the loan. (If applicable).

    The process of student visa

    Once you are sure you have been able to fulfill the requirements, you can relax as the rejection rate for visas is low. All you need to make sure you have submitted the right documents and then leave it to the ICA to make their decision. You are likely to get a visa if

    a) The institute of education where you are following a full-tine course submits the application on your behalf.

    b)  Your educational credentials are adequate to the requirement for a student visa in Singapore.

    c) You have submitted all the documents required after filling up the forms as required.

    Keeping the above factors in focus, you can apply for a student pass in Singapore and take the luxury of studying here.

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