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  • Study in the UK: Eligibility Criteria for Post graduate Courses

    Study in the UK: Eligibility Criteria for Post graduate Courses
    Thursday, August 20, 2015

    Are you confused about the eligibility criteria for post graduate courses in UK? Some information on this will be helpful. Qualifications do matter, besides which there are multiple factors taken in to consideration before you are offered a place in a post-graduate course in UK. We will try to cover most of the requirements so that you can go ahead and apply.

    Academic Qualifications for a post graduate course

    You need to be sure that the bachelor’s degree required for a post-graduate course is of a good standard. In case you are thinking of a doctoral programme, you require a good standard master’s degree. A good first degree required by UK means a degree from an institution in UK for higher education or a qualification from any other place, which is equivalent to the UK standards. You find the British use the degree classification system, which means that you require the equivalent of a lower second class honours degree and for competitive programmes, which are popular, you require an upper second class honours degree. You need to have a Master’s degree if you opt for the Doctoral course, though a bachelor’s degree, if excellent might work.

    Professional experience

    You do not require experience for most of the post-graduate courses, but if you are in the field of education, medicine, business or social work you are expected to have an experience between 2 to 5 years as the focus of the programme is on practice partly.

    Expertise in the English Language

    As all the degree programmes are in English in UK, you need to prove you are proficient in this language, so that you can understand what is taught and also read the literature connected to this and also write you assignments in acceptable English. There are factors, which can prove you are comfortable in the English language and this include:

    1. If you are from a place where English is an everyday language.

    2. The completion of your first degree is from a university in which the teaching is in English.

    3. If you can demonstrate your learning, reading and writing skills in the English language in the interview you attend for the programme.

    4. And if you have your formal qualification in the English language, which is up to the standards required in UK.

    Personal Statement and References

    You will be required to fill an application form given by the university which includes a section on ‘personal statement’ asking you the reason for opting for the post graduate course and the reason you feel you should be accepted. This is read by the admissions tutor before deciding on your admissions. You need to make sure you include:

    a) Your achievements in academics

    b) Your special interests in academic

    c) Your contribution to the programme

    This can be a great help for the admission required. The application will also require reference from two to three people who can support your application. It is advisable to find out how the chosen university organise references and make sure you are able to follow their requirements. You need to make sure the referees can provide the reference on time, that is, when asked by the university or else this can lead to an unnecessary delay. It is advisable to choose your referees from the place of study as they will be able to quote your achievements in academics, you have the option of choosing any other person as a referee, but you need to make sure at least one is from your place of study.

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This piece was a lifecajket that saved me from drowning.

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