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  • Study in UK: Visa Guide for Students Part-1

    Study in UK: Visa Guide for Students Part-1
    Tuesday, October 13, 2015

    Every year thousands of students opt to study in UK for higher studies, though the UK government is open to this, there are certain rules and norms to go through for the visa application. Following a few tips, you will find it convenient to get this visa. UK visas and immigration is managed by the UK Visas and immigration website. You need to find out if you require a student visa, which is totally dependent on the status and nationality.

    Applying for a Visa

    There are many students who are lax in this, but you do need to know that this process requires quite some time for which you need to prepare much before your course starts.

    1. Your application will require documents like evidence for your qualifications and finance.

    2. You may be required to enroll your information of biometric or even attend an interview.

    3. You also may need to take a test for the English language.

    You may be required to take some vaccinations, though there is no specified vaccination for UK. This might be due to the fact that you are from a place which is considered a high-risk for tuberculosis. This requires a chest x-ray also. You can check this out with your university and make sure of the requirements. Visa application can be 3 months before your course starts but it is advisable to plan and research much before. You will know within three weeks of the decision concerning your visa.

    Types of UK Visas for students

    There are 2 types of visas which are perfect for students who intend doing a short-term course or even an English language course say up to 11 months.

    a) Short-term Student visa: This can be applied for if you have crossed 18 years of age and wish to study in the UK for a period of 6 months, in case you need to do a course in English language, you are able to apply for extended visa, which is valid for 11 months.

    b) Short-term student (child) visa: This is applicable if you are 17 years or even younger and is applicable for a period of 6 months.

    There is another set of visas, which are applicable for a longer time.

    a) Tier4 student (child) visa: This can be applied if you are between the ages 4 to 17. You need to be going to the UK for education at an independent, fee-paying school if you are between 4 and 15 years of age.

    b) Tier4 (General) student visa: This is applicable for students who are 16 years and above and are able to meet the criteria for eligibility. This includes an offer of a place in a course, which is unconditional with a Tier4sponsor who is licensed, besides having enough funds to support you and also pay the course fees and other requirements.

    The English Language Tests

    There are possibilities for students who are applying for the Tier4 (General) visa to be required to take a test in English language as a part of the application. This depends on what type of course you have opted for and where you from. This can have an impact on the course you are taking in a university or college.

    Requirements for Health care

    You will require an additional NHS health surcharge of $150 annually if you intend applying for a visa for more than 6 months after or on 6 April 2015. This does not differentiate students who are applying from outside UK or in UK.

    Places of study with the UK visa

    You find that all government institutions, schools, colleges or universities are responsible institutions, which is ensured by the UK government, so you need to look for an institution or university, school or college, which has been approved by the UK government.

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