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  • Study in UK: Visa Guide for Students Part-2

    Study in UK: Visa Guide for Students Part-2
    Wednesday, October 14, 2015

    This blog is in continuation to our previous blog on Study in UK: Visa Guide for Students Part-1. A visa can be termed as a certificate or an entry clearance, which can permit you to enter UK, so even if you wish to go to UK as a student, this is compulsory. This visa is put in your travel document or passport by an Entry Clearance Officer overseas at a British mission. You find many students opting for UK as their study destination as the universities and colleges are multicultural and diversified besides being able to offer you a wide range of courses. Applying for a visa can get easy if you are sure of some of the information required to make sure you are applying for the right course and the right university. So, let us start a step-by-step process before you think of applying for a student visa for UK.

    1. You need to a little research and find out which course you wish to opt for. There are a lot many courses offered to you by multiple universities here. You can then proceed to short-list the university of your choice and find out the requirements here. You need to make sure of the application deadlines and the required qualifications in the specific university.

    2. If you hold a passport, which is EU/Swiss/EEA or even a national identity card indicating you of the mentioned nationality, you will not require permission for immigration in UK. This is convenient as you can travel to UK using your ID card or passport without any immigration restriction required for studying.

    3. If you are a non-national of EU/EEA/Swiss then you need the immigration clearance for education in UK.

    Application for the Student Visa

    Once you receive the acceptance letter by the chosen university or college, you need to make sure of applying for the student visa. You will be advised by the university or college on how to go about this from UK Visa and Immigration. (UKVI). You need to make sure you apply at least three months ahead as this process can turn out to be lengthy and waiting until the last minute might backfire even if you are totally prepared with all your documents and other requirements.

    Tips before you send your visa application

    1. You need to add your passport number to theUCAS application when you are offered a place in a university or while filling out the details.

    2. You will be required to prove your skills in the English language by taking An English language test which is approved by the UKVI or probably an interview on Skype or even any other alternative test. The chosen college or university will advise you how to go about this.

    3. You will have to accept an offer, which is unconditional on the course after which you can get a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) if your university has a sponsor license for Tier4.

    4. Apply for a visa of Tier4 by providing all the information, which is required along with the documents, which is including your CAS and the English language test. You will also need evidence of you being able to support yourself while you are in the UK.

    Requirement for further study

    You will be able to get a CAS for a new course if

    • you have studied before in the UK and are studying for a higher qualification in the academic level, or
    • you are studying for a qualification at the similar level of study but can relate to and add to your qualification, you are repeating modules or
    • you are re-sitting for exams, and lastly
    • you are applying to a new institution for the first time for a course which you had started elsewhere

    These are the initial requirements for applying for a UK student visa, which can help you.

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