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  • Study MBA in Australia: University Guide for Indian Students 2016

    Study MBA in Australia: University Guide for Indian Students 2016
    Thursday, October 27, 2016

    Did you know that Australia attracts a number of International students in their MBA program? According to the 2014 data released by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, Australian university's Business and Management field of study receives a 44.7% of international students, i.e. 120,476 students out of the total 269,752 in 2014.

    Globally renowned for its excellence in Business and Management Studies, 7 of Australia's best schools are in the Top 50 Business School in the World (QS Worldwide Ranking 2015). Of course, if you are looking up on this subject, you must've also known by now that Australia pays the highest to MBA Graduates in Asia Pacific and second in the world, with an average salary of $115,600!

    Interested? We've got you covered. Today we will try to give a quick round up on choosing an MBA program in Australia without missing out any important point.

    The Ultimate List of Studying an MBA in Australia

    1. Top 5 Business School/University in Australia: Location, Indicative fees, International Student Ratio

    2. Top 5 Australian Business Schools with the Highest Salaries

    3. The 5 Most Affordable MBA Schools/University in Australia

    1. Top 5 Business School/University in Australia

    Based on the QS World Rankings 2015 in Business and Management, we have listed out the top five business schools/universities in Australia. For more insight, we will also be showing the location, approximate fee cost for full-time MBA, and the presence of international students in the same.

    Rank 1: Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne

    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Indicative fee: AUD 85,470 (INR 43,30,094)

    Presence of international students: 27.1%

    Rank 2: Business School, the University of New South Wales (UNSW)

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Indicative fee: AUD 81,600 (INR 41,34,031)

    Presence of international students: 25.1%

    Rank 3: The University of Sydney Business School, the University of Sydney

    Location: Darlington NSW, Australia

    Indicative fee: AUD 60,000 (INR 30,39,729)

    Presence of international students: 22.6%

    Rank 4: College of Business and Economics, the Australian National University

    Location: Canberra, Australia

    Indicative fee: AUD 40,992.00 (INR 20,76,743)

    Presence of international students: 26.6%

    Rank 5: Monash Business School, Monash University

    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Indicative fee: AUD 65,400 (INR 33,13,304)

    Presence of international students: 34.3%\

    2. Top 5 Australian Business Schools with the Highest Salaries

    Who doesn’t want a degree from universities/institutes that graner its students the highest salary right? We are talking about Australia's MBA graduates who are quoted as the second highest paid graduates in the world! Without further ado, here is the list:

    1. University of Queensland

    Average salary: AUD $145,280 (INR 73,55,404)

    Program cost (indicative): AUD $69,456 (INR 35,16,499)

    Location: Brisbane, Australia

    2. Melbourne Business School

    Average salary: $120,310 (INR 60,91,194)

    Program cost (indicative): AUD 85,470 (INR 43,30,094)

    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    3. La Trobe Business School

    Average salary: $110,000 (INR 55,69,207)

    Program cost (indicative): AUD $35,500 (INR 17,97,335)

    Location: Melbourne (Multi Campus)

    4. University of New South Wales, AGSM

    Average salary: $99,771 (INR 50,51,322)

    Program cost (indicative): AUD 81,600 (INR 41,34,031)

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    5. Queensland University of Technology

    Average salary: $99,300 (INR 50,27,475)

    Program cost (indicative): AUD $43,800 (INR 22,17,557)

    Location: Brisbane, Australia

    3. The 5 Most Affordable MBA Schools/Universities in Australia

    If you notice the indicative fees of these top universities that are calculated per annum, some of you must've considered the dent it will leave on your finance. Putting that to consideration, we have also listed out the most affordable MBA schools/universities in Australia.

    1) Southern Cross University

    Location: Gold Coast; Melbourne; Sydney

    Indicative fee: AUD 22,480 (INR 11,32,562); Sydney AUD 23,040 (INR 11,60,775); Melbourne AUD 23,040 (INR 11,60,775)

    Duration: 2 years

    2) Charles Darwin University

    Location: Melbourne; Sydney; Waterfront Darwin

    Indicative fee: AUD 25,000 (INR 12,57,711)

    Duration: 1.5 years & 2 years

    3) Australian Catholic University

    Location: Brisbane; Melbourne; North Sydney

    Indicative fee: AUD 26,240 (INR 13,20,727)

    Duration: 2 years full-time or equivalent part-time

    4) Flinders University

    Location: Adelaide, South Australia

    Indicative fee: AUD 29,200 (INR 14,69,712)

    Duration: 1.5 years (full-time equivalent)

    5) University of Tasmania

    Location: Tasmania, Australia

    Indicative fee: Starts from AUD 25,000 (INR 12,57,711) to AUD 34,500 (INR 17,35,642)

    Duration: 1.5 years

    Given these figures, students should also remember that fee ranges will vary widely depending on the course duration, options, the unit chosen and other factors. Talking locally, Australia's MBA is also one of the most picked courses by Indian students in Australia, including Engineering and Accountancy. In our next set of articles, we will be discussing the checklist and eligibility for an MBA in Australia. For any doubts, you can leave your query in the comment box.

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