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  • Studying for GMAT Step-by-Step

    Studying for GMAT Step-by-Step
    Monday, July 27, 2015

    Appearing for GMAT is not easy, it is advisable to plan well as to how you are going to go about this. A step-by-step plan will probably help you score the points you are looking for and get you the admission in your preferred B-school. These points are more beneficial for those who intend appearing for this exam for the first time.

    1. You need to make sure you are familiar with the structure and principles of this exam. You need to know that you will be tested on knowledge of Basic Maths that includes Geometry, Word problems, Algebra and Arithmetic, besides being tested on writing ability, logical reasoning, analytical and reading skills and the knowledge of the principles of Grammar. The GMAT has 3 sections which last for 3 and half hours which do not include the optional break. This is a computer adaptive test and your final score for every section can be known after the 15th question but you need to answer 30 more to ensure the assessment originally was right.

    2. Once you are familiar with this you need to take a practice test to know exactly where you stand. You need to download the software which can enable you to take this test. You can take these tests more than once to help you improve the scores. The GMAT prep, which is the software, is able to predict the score in an accurate manner. These practice tests help you get comfortable with the structure and also gives you an insight to your weaknesses and strengths so that you can study accordingly.

    3. You need to determine when you intend to enroll for the graduate business programme and in accordance to this, you need to make sure of the deadlines for admissions and the GMAT requirements for the desired school. You are also required to download the GMAT handbook to know everything that is required for the exam.

    4. You need to have a study plan which suits your lifestyle and comfort, pace and timing.. You can opt for a study guide, which has the GMAT questions along with the answers which are framed by those creating the test. You can create an atmosphere similar to the GMAT practice test by being able to eliminate music, snacks and any other technology. After reviewing your weak areas concentrate that little bit extra on them. You can opt for additional study material in accordance to your requirements.

    5. After the initial test and studying and practicing you can think of another practice test. You can further direct your studies in accordance to the results you get. You can think of planning your studies according to what you must do and what you can do. This can work wonders as you study without pressure. The one word here is being ‘consistent’ with your studies, putting extra effort in your weak areas.

    The Time Factor

    If you set asides three to four times a week for these studies, it is enough. You do not need to work on this all seven days a week as this might result in you getting totally off the test. You do require some ‘me’ time. Whatever time you put in for these studies, make sure you are able to concentrate totally without any distractions. Shorter sessions of study work better than long hours, which can lead to physical and mental exhaustion. You should be able to review summaries and other notes you have taken during these study hours. If you have opted for a tutor, feel free to ask as many questions as you wish besides getting advice on how many hours to put in after you have the results of your practice tests.

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