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  • Studying for GMAT the Right Way

    Studying for GMAT the Right Way
    Thursday, August 06, 2015

    Picking up the right study option before you appear for your GMAT tests is important before you think of sitting in the exam as this requires perfection and concentration. Of course, this depends on what you prefer and how comfortable you are studying on your own or opting for a class or a tutor. As seen, you have three options, self-study, getting help from a tutor or joining classes. Let us get a few details on how to go about this.

    Self-study, tutor or class

    There are more than one ways you can go about this as you find many programmes and a lot of material for studying for the GMAT exams. You need to know that you will require at least 50 to approximately 100 hours in a time span of 2 to 4 months, which depends on your goal of the score and the applied strategies. As there are 4 sections of this test, you will be required to cover a whole lot of strategies and study material. This is one of the reasons for student opting for classes.


    Studying on your own can save you a lot of money besides which you can work out your own schedule, which is convenient. This can be a benefit or a draw-back depending on how you go about this. For studying on your own you need to have a study plan which works out easy if you have appeared in any of such exams. You will require certain knowledge on what type of study material to choose, diagnose your weaknesses and strengths, stick to a schedule, which you have charted out and in short, plan in a wise manner. You have a choice of the different books available or you can think of studying from the material online. You need to be sure you are a tough task master as this is important. You cannot afford to go lax. This option seems to work well for those who have appeared for other standardised tests and scored well and if you are disciplined person.


    Taking classes for the preparation of a GMAT exam might work out a little more expensive as compared to self-study, but can be cheaper than opting for a tutor. These classes can discipline you in following a fixed schedule. Opting for classes can work well as these can guide you in following a step by step procedure for studying for this exam and you will exactly know what is to be studied, not so in case of self-study. The standard syllabus can be worked out in a way where you can spend more time in your weak areas and carry on to the advance studies in areas of strength. This option of joining a class can be beneficial as you have an experienced instructor who has helped many students in the past.


    This option works out well due to the fact that it is customised and offers you the flexibility you are looking for. A tutor can provide you study material that is apt for preparing for GMAT and can customise the syllabus in accordance to your style. This seems to be the most efficient option but also the most expensive as compared to the other two options. You can think of self-study along with this option of a tutor. This is making sure of a good score in GMAT. A tutor can learn your requirements as this is on one-to-one basis and help you study in a manner best suited to you.

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