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  • Studying in France? Know Your Part-time Work Rules and Options

    Studying in France? Know Your Part-time Work Rules and Options
    Saturday, September 26, 2015

    As an International student, you are able to work in France if you have a student residency permit, carte de sejour d’etudiant , besides which you need to be enrolled in a institution which is recognised. Normally, you find most of the business schools, universities and higher education institutions included in this. The supplementary requirement that goes along with this is 12 hours of the chosen courses weekly on the minimum. Though France is a beautiful country, it is considered an expensive country especially for students. Let us get information on the rules and regulations to be followed when a student is looking for a job in France.

    1. An international student who is not from the European Union can work for 964 hours to the maximum in a year, for which the university they work for does not object, the student needs to have a residency permit. You need to be aware that the authorisation for employment on a temporary basis  is not required as the residency permit covers this.

    2. Whether you are enrolled in a language programme or the first year of university, you are able to work in France

    3. The rule for minimum wage is applicable to all students which is $9.61 on an hourly basis before the deduction of taxes. So, you can say you will be making around $7.67 on an hourly basis.

    4. On the above calculation you can say a student is able to earn around INR 4 lakhs per year. This is good enough as pocket money.

    5. As a student you can also look for employment at the institute or university you are studying in or any other higher institute or university, where you are offered a 1 year contract covering the period from 1st September right up to 31st August. The time split is as follows

    a) A part tine which results in 670 hours to the maximum during the period of 1st September to 30th June.

    b) A full  time resulting in  300 hours in the time period of 1st July to 31st August.

    Some job opportunities in France for students

     You can look out for few of the jobs listed below if you are a student in France.

    a) Assistantship at the University

    A student is able to try for a research assistantship or a graduate assistantship job at the university, which are normally open for research/masters scholars. This job includes taking tutorials for the professors, writing the literature and also assists in the research.

    b) More jobs n the University

    As a student, you can also try for a job at the marketing office or the international office. These job vacancies are found on the notice board whenever required. This is similar to the university job posted above, means you will need to work for a period of one year.

    Other options for jobs

    We all know that Paris is considered as a cafe capital in the world, which means there is always dearth of people here. This can work ideally for a student as you can be exposed to the culture and tradition of this place and socialise to your heart’s content. Probably, you can make lifetime friends. As a student, you can also look for part time jobs in markets, shops or even businesses. Your knowledge in the English language is helpful in getting these jobs. You can consider these jobs as an opportunity to increase your skills in the language besides interacting with the locals and on the whole have a good time in a beautiful place. You can also ask around if there are jobs available as many times this job offers are word to mouth.

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