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  • Studying in Germany? Know Your Part-time Work Options

    Studying in Germany? Know Your Part-time Work Options
    Monday, October 12, 2015

    Majority of students going abroad for further studies feel the need to work on a part time basis so that they can be comfortable and can spend a little more lavishly. There are multiple reasons for students opting to work on a part-time basis, besides the money factor, there are many looking to gain experience so that they can get a job easily once their studies are done with. Living in Germany can be dynamic and the cost of living depends where you live but all the same, it is definitely difficult surviving only on the paycheck.

    Different options for part time jobs for international students

    Working part-time can take your finances to a new high besides the fact that you will be meeting new people with the possibility of making new friends. This can also help you gain the experience required for a job. You might find the language being an issue at some places, but knowledge of the English language can be helpful. Knowing German is an added advantage.

    1. Classic jobs

    The most common jobs suitable for par- time are baby-sitting, waiting and au pairing. If you opt for a job in a cafe or a bar, you might not earn as much as you expect, but this can be compensated with the time you will get for socialising after long hours of studying. The tips you can get working are worthwhile and tend to make up for the less pays.

    Au pairing is one way to save on living expenses as you are able to stay with the hosts and provided meals, which can add to the cost of living, otherwise. The drawback here being you might not get the privacy you looking for.

    The other part time jobs you can think of as a student in Germany are cycle couriers, delivery drivers, working at music shops or bookshops, and also hosting at different fairs or cultural events. You can think of call centres, which seem to be working well for students. Finally, teaching English to German students can be considered an apt part time job.

    2. University job

    Planning to take up a part time job in a university can make the rules and regulations a little more lax as you can work for longer hours weekly and can earn up to 400Euros avoiding the taxes. You can find a range of job opportunities for students in universities with flexible working hours. This job also can benefit as it can stand out in your CV in the end.

    Laws for international students opting for part time jobs

    Though international students have the freedom to work on a part time basis in Germany, you need to make sure you follow the regulations before you start.

    a) You should be aware that your working hours as an international student cannot cross the  permissible  120 days or 240 half days. This is different in different places and if you have opted to work in a place with a high rate of unemployment, there are chances of getting the permission to work for more than 120 full days.

    b) During the course, a student is not allowed to work more than 20 hours in a week, but this change in vacations where you can opt to work full time.

    c) A student will be required to get a work permit from the Federal Employment Agency, which has the details of the permissible working hours.

    d) If you have opted for a language course or a preparatory course, you will be permitted to work only after getting permission from the foreign authority and only during the periods, which you have no lecture.

    e) Make sure you opt to work for less than 20 hours weekly or else you will land up paying unemployment, health insurance and also nursing care insurance.

    f) Make sure you follow the Federal laws or else there are chances of you being expelled.

    Keeping the above norms in mind, an International student can opt to work on a part-time basis in Germany comfortably.

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