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  • Studying in Singapore? Know Your Part-time Work Rules and Options

    Studying in Singapore? Know Your Part-time Work Rules and Options
    Wednesday, August 19, 2015

    Many students, these days seem to opt Singapore as their study destination for various reasons. These include international qualifications offered here, affordable cost of living, besides the support given by the different institutions. The policies of the workplace, the local workforce being multicultural and the working language being English, makes working in Singapore comfortable. If you have the intention of working while studying it is good to be aware of the rules and regulations to be followed before you start looking for a job.

    Rules for working during your study in Singapore

    An international student on a full-time course in a university in Singapore is able to work 16 hours or less in a week during the time you attend the classes and in vacations you can work full time. There is no requirement for any permission by the Ministry of Manpower if you work within the limited time permissible. However, you need to be aware that this is applicable only if you are enrolled in an university approved by the MOM or Ministry of Manpower. The student’s pass which you obtain when you enter Singapore, is valid right up till the end of the course.

    The kind of jobs you can opt for

    This depends totally on your skills and ability and not on your course. You can check out the restriction in your visa application before you apply for a job. You find International students opting for jobs as

    1. Retail staff

    2. Warehouse staff

    3. Data entry staff

    4. Waiting and bar staff

    5. Language teacher and a lot more.

    These types of jobs work well as they are able to offer part-time shifts, which are flexible so that you have no problems with your course. The confidence you show in the local language can make all the difference to the job you apply for.

    Finding a job

    You need to settle in your new surroundings before you plan to work as you find most of the employers wish to meet the prospective employee in person. You can think of looking for a job in the employment office or the job centre at the university. You can take the help of the staff at the university to get your CV done and also prepare for an interview. You got the option of looking online for vacancies, which are suitable and comfortable for you and you are comfortable in. Another source of vacancies is the local newspaper. Take your time and apply to the place you feel you can fit in.

    Understanding the terms and conditions

    Go through the terms and condition before you make your decision. Most of the companies offering part-time jobs follow a fixed wage system. You will be paid either on a weekly basis, or fortnightly or probably even monthly. You have the option of looking for voluntary work for the experience you gain which might be helpful in the end.

    Part-time jobs that suit your schedule

    This applies to the fact that you need to consider your workload on a day-to-day basis before you opt for a specific part-time job. The timing should blend with the time available after you have finished your study time and any other activities, which are routine. You need to know that part-time student jobs can work as stress busters as in many jobs you interact with the locals and get an insight into their world, and probably make friends, which can be fun. This can only enhance your experience of studying in Singapore. Dig into your hidden talents with the right part-time job here and make your life exciting.

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