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  • Studying in US and Studying in UK

    Studying in US and Studying in UK
    Thursday, September 03, 2015

    Although you can find the world’s top universities located in USA and UK, there are few differences, which can help you decide to choose better. Both these countries are rich in tradition of the quality of education provided along with a culture and research facilities, which seem to be apt for your choice. You can also benefit with the academic freedom provided in both these countries. The student life in these countries along with the structure of the universities can make a whole lot of difference to your choice.

    Time taken to finish your degree

    You find that the major difference in these two countries is the time taken to finish your degree. Talking about the degree programmes, these take one year longer in the US as compared to the UK, depending on the Master’s degree, which can be got before the PhD. You are able to opt for a PhD directly after your undergraduate programme but it is more common in UK to first complete your Master’s. The study courses in UK are shorter as these are more focused as compared to the US.

    Academic term to be considered

    The term in US universities start in Mid-August or probably even late August, though you might find the smaller colleges starting even later. They take a lengthy break from mid-Decembers and the start the next semester in January, probably mid-January. Universities that follow the trimester or system based on quarterly will probably take their winter break at The Thanksgiving Holiday. There is a difference in the academic year in UK. Most of the universities use the semester system here, with a few of them using the trimester and quarter ones. In UK the academic term is less standardised as different universities use different calendar.

    The organisation of the University

    The universities in UK are made up of ‘colleges’ dedicated to a specific subject. The college has a lot of autonomy even being governed by the university. You live and eat with others in the college and tend to stay in the college for the time you need to complete your studies. You need to apply directly to college in accordance to the subject chosen by you, and for the undergraduate programme you need to apply through the system which is centralised which allows you to apply to different colleges at the same time. This is known as UCAS, or the University and College Admissions System.

    While in the US, you are supposed to apply to a larger university taking courses from different fields and declare a major at the end of the first year, or probably even the second year. In US, even after you declare a major you are supposed to take classes, known as ‘electives’ outside the field. In other words, in US you can gain knowledge in different fields’ without any limitations, while the study in UK can be termed as ‘depth’ which helps you get a thorough knowledge of the chosen subject.

    Cost of Education

    Studying in UK or US cannot be considered cheap, although studying in the US is more on the higher side. In the UK, the government sets the limits required for tuition fees with each individual school setting its own fee following that limit. Whereas in the US, the government plays no role in setting the fees and there is a difference in the in-state tuition fees and out-of-state fees. There is also a difference between the public and private universities. You have the option of applying for loans or opting for scholarships for study in both these countries.

    Accommodation in the US and UK

    Students have the options of living in the residence halls, which are provided in both countries. It is possible in UK to have a room for yourself, while in the US you might have to share this. In the US, after the first year you can choose off-campus housing or private housing. You find that the dormitories in the UK tend to be self-catered while in the US you have a wide range of options for dining.

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