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  • Succeeding at GMAT – a Few Tips

    Succeeding at GMAT – a Few Tips
    Saturday, October 31, 2015

    In today's employment market, need for Masters in Business Administration has become necessary, regardless of what the job requires you to do at work. To acquire this qualification you will need to put in several hours of study and acclimatise several skills such as oral, writing, reading, analytical, mathematics, etc. But before all of this you need to successfully pass out the Graduate Management Admission Test also known as GMAT offered by several institutes.

    GMAT accesses certain writing, verbal, analytical and reading skills in the English language which will be used in securing admission to a MBA programme. At this stage, personal business skills or knowledge is not looked at nor is intelligence. What is chiefly observed is the ability to analyse and solve problems, clubbed with the art of reasoning both logically and critically which are believed to be important to business and success. 

    Several hundreds of programs are offered by institutions spread all over using GMAT as part of its review for the courses offered.

    Total GMAT score measures performance on the quantitative and verbal sections together. From the most recent data available over the public domain, the average GMAT score of all test takers is about 540.

    The student needs to attempt the first question correctly in order to progress well for exam. If the first answer is wrong or if the first question is not attempted, the score will drastically fall to the bottom half. The total score is not solely based on the answers given to the last question. The difficulty level of the questions reached through the computer adaptive deliverance of questions. An established calculation system is used to build the score which is the most complicated of all. When the student makes a mistake and gives an incorrect answer, the computer immediately recognises this mistake and proceeds accordingly. 

    Selecting a business graduate degree is indeed a big and exciting decision – One that proves to be a remarkable investment in your career. You will need unparalleled attention and total guidance throughout the complete procedure right from making a decision to undertaking the course, to selecting the correct academy, to applying and enrolling for the course. You have over 6,000 options available.

    Your GMAT total score is usually accepted as the result of one of the most widely relied testing method in graduate business institutions. The examination is designed to gauge the skills required by students to achieve success in the exam is designed to measure the skills students require to succeed in the competitive programme. Being a computer adaptive examination, it assesses various skills of the student such as writing, verbal, analytical and reading skills in the English language without being a handwritten test. On account of this being a computer based test, the GMAT exam can ascertain the ability of the student by choosing questions based on the answers given. Based on the progress, the questions start getting difficult, strictly based on the number of right or wrong answers given of the student.

    Some important tips to bear in mind before attempting the GMAT exam are the following:

    Time is the essence: Time management to completing the exam is very critical. As soon as you start the test, a clock on the screen will display your progress and also the remaining time. Keep an eye on the clock at specific intervals to keep track of your progress. Unanswered questions will reduce the score significantly. However, do note that the total score is based on the total number of questions attempted and answered correctly.

    Read all the instructions completely: While this may sound obvious, to understand what action is required to answer the questions in the exam, one needs to read and understand the instructions given completely.

    Thoroughly read the questions: Prior to attempting to answer a question, what has been asked and what needs to be done, and then write the answers. If you are given choices and you are not sure about the correct answer, do strike out the ones that you know are incorrect.

    Move ahead with the test: If for any reason you are stuck on a particular question, choose the answer that you think is the best and then move ahead. However, do remember that you cannot change your answers to any of the previous questions that you have attempted, since the questions in the computer adaptive testing is purely based on the responses given.

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