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  • The Graduate Record Examination

    The Graduate Record Examination
    Monday, September 07, 2015

    As an overseas education aspirant, it is important for you to prepare for and write your GRE or Graduate Record Examination if you are planning on applying to a grad school. Admissions committees use the same standard scale to compare applicants with the help of GRE, the standardized examination.

    So, what is GRE all about?

    Across myriad disciplines, success in a graduate school is predicted by measuring skills in the GRE examination. The GRE general aptitude test is what most admissions directors, professors and applicants refer to when they say GRE as there are several GRE tests.

    Other types of GRE tests include the subject tests that focus on specific fields like biology, psychology and so on to examine the knowledge of the applicant in that particular field. While most overseas aspirants will need to take the general aptitude GRE test, not many graduate programmes require you to take specific GRE subject tests.

    What is evaluated through the GRE exam?

    Many skills and aspects acquired by students in their school and college years are evaluated and measured in the GRE General Test. Through this test, institutions evaluate your potential to succeed in the graduate school.

    GRE is one of the most important criteria used by graduate schools to measure your abilities, though there are a few others too. If your college GPA is not exceptionally good but if you excel in GRE, you open doors for better graduate school opportunities. Analytical writing skills, quantitative skills and verbal skills are evaluated in different sections in the GRE General Test.

    Students’ ability to articulate complex ideas effectively and clearly is tested in the analytical writing section. This section evaluates your capability in sustaining a coherent, focused discussion, using relevant examples and reasons to support ideas, examine accompanying evidence and claims effectively and control written Standard English elements. This section features two essays namely Analyse an Argument Task and Analyse an Issue Task.

    Graduate school aspirant’s basic math skills are tested in the quantitative section. Apart from gauging your ability to solve problems by applying quantitative skills through deep understanding, this section also places emphasis on data interpretation. The section features diverse questions in various types including data interpretation, problem solving and quantitative comparisons.

    Using sentence completion and comprehensive questions reading format, your ability to analyse written material and understand questions is tested in the verbal section of GRE General Test.

    GRE scoring method

    As they make decisions about the capability of applicants, most graduate schools focus on the quantitative and verbal section scores. These sections are scored from 130 to 170 in single point increments. Scores range from 0 to 6 in half point increments for the analytical writing section.

    GRE test duration

    GRE exam duration extends to a maximum of 3 hours and 45 minutes. This period includes time taken to go through instructions and breaks. This examination features six sections.

    • Two 30 minute tasks are assigned in the analytical writing section, usually the first section you will have to do

    • Two 30 minute verbal reasoning sections

    • A total of two 35 minute quantitative reasoning sections

    • One quantitative reasoning or verbal reasoning unscored section appearing randomly in the GRE revised computer-based general test’

    • The GRE computer-based revised general test may also feature an identified research section that will not be scored.

    It pays to prepare well in advance for your GRE General Test. It is also imperative to plan to take this exam well ahead of the application due date. If you do not score well, you will then have enough time to take this exam again. Candidates are allowed to take the GRE exam only once in calendar month. To take advantage of exhaustive, rich GRE preparation material, enroll with leading coaching centres.

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