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  • The Nuances Of The SAT Verbal Structure

    The Nuances Of The SAT Verbal Structure
    Thursday, July 30, 2015

    All students aspiring to study abroad have to necessarily take their SAT exam. This exam features an important critical reading section. As you prepare for the SAT exam, it is important to understand all the necessary nuances of the SAT verbal structure.

    Your ability to understand a given passage analytically and literally after effective comprehension is evaluated in this section. After reading the passage, you must answer questions based on it within the stipulated time limit.

    Critical Writing Section

    There are a total of three sections in the critical reading section each of them carrying 800 marks. The critical reading section tests a student's ability to read and comprehend. The section features three different types of questions -

    1. Questions based on the whole passage - These questions require candidates to read through the entire passage in order to comprehend the full meaning and answer questions. This category features questions like tone of the passage, primary purpose and so on. To find the answers quickly, especially if you are running out of time, you can carefully scan the first and last sentences of each paragraph as this will give you a good idea.

    2. Questions based on location - Questions asked based on particular lines in the passage are called location based questions. While answering these questions, you must be very careful as they require you to give answers based only on the specified lines. You must not talk about the tone of the entire passage. To find words to back up your answer, go through a couple of lines above and below the location.

    3. Questions based on meaning of words - Here options are given as meaning for a word picked from the passage. With the closest meaning from the options, you must identify the word.

    Basically, the candidate's writing abilities and grammar skills are tested in the critical writing section. Three different types of questions are given to evaluate grammar skills.

    1. Sentence correction - You must correct a part of the specified sentence grammatically.

    2. Error identification - In a particular sentence, if you feel there is an error, you must identify.

    3. Paragraph improvement - Given in the form of a paragraph, this question requires you to improve the same grammatically.

    One tip is to focus on contrasting words such as 'however', 'instead', 'but' and so on and check whether you need them in the sentence or not. Based on whether you need them or not, you can eliminate options that contain these words or vice versa.

    Sentence Completion Section

    This section predominantly features 'fill in the blank' type of questions aimed at testing the vocabulary of aspirants. To get to the right answer faster, you must practice and enhance your vocabulary skills based on SAT relevant words. Even with extensive practice, you may face a situation where you are unable to identify the meaning of a certain word. If you are not able to recall the exact meaning, you must concentrate on the suffix or prefixes attached to it and identify the tone to deduce the contextual meaning.

    Dual Passages Section

    This section features two passages based on which questions are asked. Mostly, questions are phrased based on comparison between the two passages. This is the only point of difference between the two passages.

    Essay Section

    Essay is another important section of the SAT exam that requires you to master your verbal and writing skills. You will be required to structure an essay of about 300 to 350 words. Two vital things must be kept in mind in order to score high in this section namely your ability to use varied language and give good examples. Your language skills and ability to use examples are measured as the essay is marked.

    In order to practice optimally and acquire enough skills to score high in all sections by understanding the nuances of SAT verbal structure well, enroll with one of the best SAT coaching centres.

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