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  • Things Students and Graduates Need to Know About Studying in France

    Things Students and Graduates Need to Know About Studying in France
    Thursday, July 02, 2015

    The cost of education in France is low as compared to the United Kingdom or the United States of America, and international students can benefit from various lucrative job opportunities while they study. A job can help them to gain additional work experience apart from earning money. However, it is better to be familiar with the 'work while you study' scenario in France before taking a step. After all, there are certain restrictions in place for students and graduates in France.

    Restrictions for International Students

    International students in France are allowed to work, but only for a limited number of hours. They are expected to abide by certain restrictions. International students can work for a maximum of 884 hours each year. Additionally, over the period of an academic year, the students are not allowed to work for more than 19.5 hours each week. They can work full-time only during their vacation period when the maximum limit is 39 hours per week. Before applying for work, international students have to get the required authorisation from the French labour ministry.

    International Students with a Master’s Degree

    After completing the master’s level of studies or the equivalent, international students can give an application for authorising their residence in France on a temporary basis.  It is a one-time authorisation, valid for 12 months after the residency permit of the student has expired. With the help of the authorisation, students can seek employment anywhere. However, the students cannot work for more than 60% of the official work week. In other words, any employment will be part-time employment.

    International students who work in their own field of studies or academic programmes are applicable for a benefit. However, their rate of compensation at work should be equal to a minimum of 1.5 times that of the national minimum wage. If they fulfil this condition, the student can apply for a change of their status into employee. The application can be submitted at their prefecture.

    Possible Jobs for International Graduates

    Due to the high unemployment rates in France, it is not possible for international graduates to apply for any job they want. Choices are limited. Given below is a list of possible jobs that international students can apply for.

    • Control manager in financial fields and auditing

    • Operator of manufacturing equipment of wood products and furniture

    • Mechanical product designer or planner

    • Draftsman for public works and buildings

    • Inspector for quality conformity

    • Merchandiser

    • Operator of equipment for glass manufacture

    • Operator of equipment for manufacturing pharmaceuticals or chemicals

    • Operation or production engineer for information systems

    • Designer for electronic and electrical products

    • Operator of basic production units

    • Intervention technician for wood and furniture processes

    • Sales agent

    • Remote service agent

    In France, while applying for employment authorisation, the students have to submit their employment offer or contract from the firm. The authorities have a comprehensive list of criteria to consider while reviewing the application. The time spent by the student in the higher education system in France will also be taken into account.

    Compétence et Talent

    Also called the 'skills and talents' permit, the purpose of this permit is to help international students live in France. The permit is only given to foreigners who have the potential to contribute to the growth of France or their native country by advancing the economic, scientific, cultural, intellectual, athletic or humanitarian achievements. The permit is valid for three years but can be renewed upon expiry. However, getting this permit can be challenging.

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