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  • Things Students and Graduates Need to Know About Working in Ireland

    Things Students and Graduates Need to Know About Working in Ireland
    Thursday, June 18, 2015

    Students have many reasons to study in Ireland. However, job opportunities are entirely different matter. Many students do not consider the job prospects while considering Ireland as their choice for higher education. Job prospects should be considered as they can make it easier to pay for the living or tuition expenses. Moreover, students can get some work experience.

    Opportunity to Work in Ireland as an International Student

    The students whose native countries are a part of the EEA can start working in Ireland alongside their studies. They have no such restrictions to limit their job opportunities.

    On the other hand, students who come from other countries will need to take care of a few points while looking for employment. International students are also allowed to get casual employment as long as their course of study has been included in the internationalisation register of the Irish government.

    Casual employment can be defined as part time work up to 20 hours over a single week when the term is going on. However, the international students can work fulltime for specific periods when the universities have their holidays for the summer and winter seasons. The work should not exceed 40 hours each week.

    Points to Note for International Students in Ireland

    Apart from the limitations, there are certain things that need to be noted by the international students.

    • It is not possible for the international student to get employed unless they have been enrolled in a recognised programme of study.
    • As soon as the period of study is finished, the student will lose the right to work. However, an extension for 12 months can be availed by graduates of the third level.
    • During the visa application process, the students are required to show that they have enough funds to pay for living expenses without a job.

    Working Before Term Commencement

    Some international students are allowed to enter Ireland before their term begins. This is usually for the preparatory or the foundation courses that are placed before the actual term begins. However, they will not be allowed to get employed until their fulltime courses have started.

    Acquisition of PPS Number

    Students who are getting a job in Ireland will need to acquire a PPS Number. This will help them get registered by the Irish Tax Office. However, a PPS Number is not given to students simply because they are looking for work. They need to show that an offer of employment has been given.

    Working In Ireland after Graduation or Visa Expiry

    Students that are citizens of EU or EEA countries do not have to get special permissions in order to continue staying in Ireland and working even after their studies have completed. However, other international students will need to submit certain applications.

    Students who have successfully completed their graduate or postgraduate studies can submit an application for a green card or even a work permit. They need to do so under the Third Level Graduate Scheme after they have completed their studies in Ireland. In all other cases, the student will no longer have the right to work in Ireland once their student visa has expired.

    Job Opportunities for Researchers

    New opportunities have arisen in Ireland for international students looking to work as researchers. Authorised research organisations can employ international students as researchers. The students do not need a work permit or a green card to do so. The students who come from countries that are not a part of the EU or EEA can apply to become a researcher and work in Ireland. Only the normal requirements for immigration need to be followed.

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