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  • Things Students Need to Know About Working in Malaysia

    Things Students Need to Know About Working in Malaysia
    Monday, July 06, 2015

    International students have a variety of reasons to take up a job while studying in Malaysia. The government of Malaysia allows students from other countries to take up employment while continuing their studies. However, there are certain restrictions that apply to the employment opportunities of international students.

    The government allows overseas students to take up employment for a limited period of time. Financially, these jobs cannot sustain the course fees. These employment opportunities can only help supplement the student's budget for personal expenses.

    Rules for Working in Malaysia

    The Government of Malaysia has a set of regulations for international students opting to take up part-time jobs while studying. They are:

    • International students can take up part-time work in Malaysia only during the semester breaks of the university and festival holidays. If they have more than seven holidays consecutively, they can take up a part time job.
    • Overseas students in Malaysia are not allowed to work for more than 20 hours a week.
    • International students should possess a valid Student Pass in order to work.
    • There are certain jobs that are completely off-limits to international students.

    Jobs Off-Limits to International Students

    The jobs that international students in Malaysia cannot apply for are:

    • Cashier

    • Masseur

    • Singer

    • Musician

    • Guest Relations Officer

    • Any immoral activities

     Process for Approval to Work Part-time

    Overseas students must apply for permission and receive an approval before taking up any part-time employment.  

    The application has to be submitted along with a few documents. These documents include a photocopy of the passport and a letter from the prospective employer. The letter should contain complete details of the company, such as the address and contact number. The application processing fee is MYR 120.  

    The application has to be forwarded to the Immigration Department Headquarters in Malaysia by a representative of the education institute, the student is enrolled in. The student should be present during this process. The institute or the university has to provide a letter stating that the student is  permitted to work. The letter should also state details of the academic breaks and vacations.

    The international student has to then appear for an interview. After the interview, the application can either be approved or declined. If the the application is approved, the passport of the student will be endorsed to reflect the change.

    Extension of Approval

    The approval for working does not extend completely over the study period of the student in Malaysia. However, the approval can be extended if certain conditions are met by the international student. The university or the education institution of the student is required to report the academic progress of the student to the Immigration Department every three months. If the student is found to be missing classes due to work, the university is bound to report them to the Department, based on which appropriate action is taken.

    Students can apply for an extension on their approval. Extension is given only if the academic achievements of the student is not affected. At the same time, it is imperative that the university or institution is notified immediately if there is a change in the employment status.

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