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  • Time Management for SAT Tests

    Time Management for SAT Tests
    Tuesday, December 22, 2015

    Appearing for the SAT test can open up doors in many universities and colleges around the globe. There are many universities and colleges that give admissions based on the scores of this test. All that you need to do is prepare well and probably appear more than once for this test to achieve the proper scores required for admissions. It might a time consuming but putting in a lot of effort initially will help you to make your future and career in the long run. Not only is preparing for the test, but you also need to be aware that there is a lot of time management when you appear for the test. You will find that most of the sections of this test can allow you less than one minute for a question. With a thorough preparation and effective time management it is not difficult to finish the test.

    Here are few tips that will help you on the D-day.

    1. Don’t be in a hurry to rush through the different sections

    Questions which are on the multiple choice sections, except the reading comprehension tend to get more difficult as they move ahead and there is no penalty if you need to skip a question. It is advisable to be cool and not rush through any section. There are chances of you making mistakes which are uncalled for on the questions which are easier.

    2. Learn to ‘listen’ for the mistake

    In the section of Identifying Errors, it will be wise not to examine the choices given for the answers one by one, it will make sense to ‘listen’ and trust your basic instincts. The improving paragraphs/sentences are difficult, where you have to not only identify the error but also make a right choice. You can think of identifying the error in the same manner and try to eliminate the answers which are not applicable.

    3. On completions of sentences you need to pay attention to the keywords

    SC questions require you to choose a pair of words or a word that would complete a sentence in a logical manner. Keywords are the clue that will direct you to the answer which is right. Direction indicators will tell you what relationship the answer should have to the keywords. Looking out for these words will help you to save time as you will be able to eliminate the wrong answers.

    4. Math Section without wastage of time

    It will not make sense to show all your workings in the math section, though you have a choice of jotting down few formulas and, except in the grid-section, there is no requirement for you to write the final answer. Put in numbers instead of trying to solve it the right way.

    5. Calculator is a friend

    It is advisable to spend money on scientific calculator so that exponents and factorials do not waste your time. Get a hang of the calculator and the operation before you sit for the test or else you will be wasting your time. If you are good at mental maths then it can save you additional time.

    6. Reading Comprehension passage

    Make sure that you do not read passage more than once, take a glance at the questions to get a fair idea what part of the passage needs to be read and read that part only before you can factually answer the question. These questions can be read last, as once you have read the passage, you will know which part to refer to with a specific question.

    7. Essay for the Sat

    Make sure to write an outline for the essay as this can save time on the total essay.

    8. Time factor considered

    Following the above steps will help you not to get panicky about this as each section will be covered if you can plan how to go about it and answer with your entire cool intact.

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