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  • Tips to Procure A Great Head Start for GRE

    Tips to Procure A Great Head Start for GRE
    Tuesday, November 10, 2015

    GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations. It is an aptitude test that comprises predefined syllabus. It is one of the most renowned tests that used for admissions to the MBA exams, masters in Business, and doctoral programs. There are two parts to the GRE. The first one is the General Test that assesses the quantitative reasoning, analytical logical reasoning and writing skill sets. These are imperative for business programs. The other one is the GRE Subject Test – This checks the knowledge of a particular field of study as this helps the student achieve distinctiveness and specialization in that field.

    Test Preparation and Coaching Benefits

    • Preparation is the prerequisite to getting a good score in the GRE. There should be optimum utilisation of the time and effort for this examination. The Chopras offers good help to prepare you for the GRE.

    • The curriculum that is followed is in line with the examination pattern. Test preparation programmes are top notch. The tests are standardised worldwide and this goes a long way in the achievement of desired test goals.

    • Faculty is experienced and qualified and they are recruited from numerous elite institutions from all over India. The faculty undergoes a rigorous training and continuous evaluation to make sure that their teaching practices are effective for preparing the students for GRE.

    • Complete understanding of the university requirements, thorough knowledge of admission processes worldwide help for placements globally.

    • Flexible and convenient schedules

    • Five Point Study Plan offered by The Chopras is very helpful to the students and the added advantage of the coaching classes are that students can opt for a demo class before enrolling.

    • Personalised review sessions after class

    • Extra tutoring if required

    • Customer question pools and strategic question bank that reflects the exam pattern helps improve test scores

    • Critical thinking Strategies that encourages out of the box thinking and not just conservational studying

    • Essential practices are done periodically to ascertain the preparations of the students and additional attributes are that there are no time constraints at all. The Classroom training period lasts for two months and even after completion of this period the students can make use of the facilities for another four months.

    Strategies to improve scores based on dynamic changes to GRE from time to time

    • Like all other exams, GRE is also subject to changes from time to time. Tests scores are done on some parameters set by universities. These relate to a Verbal Reasoning Score, Quantitative Reasoning Score and an Analytical Reasoning Score.

    • There is also a Computer Delivered Test and a Paper Delivered Test. Scores are based on the marks availed in each and every section and sub sections of the above mentioned tests. The Chopras keep abreast with all the revised test scales periodically and then advice the students on the best way to prepare for the exams.

    • Time Management Skills are crucial to getting good scores. The coaching benefits of these training classes are to prioritise and manage time in such a way that equal emphasis is given to all sections so that in the end, an overall good score can be achieved.

    Students can take the opinions of counsellors on how to enrol and precede with the GRE preparations. They can also enquire about the changes in the syllabus and the examination pattern, the requisite time and effort that need to be put in the training sessions, the other facilities that are available and the overall mock tests that the student can expect before the GRE. With professional help, you can ensure that GRE preparations are in tandem with the examination pattern of the current academic year. You can expect good scores, inevitably.

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