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  • TOEFL – A Definitive Career Path

    TOEFL – A Definitive Career Path
    Wednesday, December 02, 2015

    TOEFL is a test of English as a Foreign Language. This examination is used to assess the fluency of a candidate in English language. This is conducted via three sections like reading, writing and speaking. Most of the countries have a mandatory requirement of TOEFL. This test can be taken before immigration and it is imperative in some countries where such tests need to be passed with good scores in order to enroll into good colleges and institutes abroad. This is the reason why students take the TOEFL examination in the first place.

    When it comes to exam preparation, the difficulty level is unmeasurable as one cannot determine the difficulty level of a language. With that said, there is no particular strategy to prepare for TOEFL. But working on each section of the exam (Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking) will get you great scores.

    With that keeping in mind, here are some tips for each section and the best that you can do to excel in it.

    Pre examination preparation

    • TOEFL examination is conducted at numerous test centers all over the world. The test happens in four parts. There is a section for reading, one for writing, listening and speaking. Except the speaking session, the others last around an hour to an hour and a half. The speaking session is around ten to fifteen minutes.
    • Good scores in the TOEFL are mandatory in order to secure good placements abroad in the college or institute of your choice
    • Pre-examination preparation starts off a chain of test bank paper solving and time management skills. If you are finding it difficult to cope on your own then you can opt for coaching classes that prepare you for the exam in a methodical manner. You can choose to go to such classes that will give you mock tests from time to time and prepare you for those vital speaking sessions and interviews as well. TOEFL, like other exams are subject to changes and the coaching classes note these changes from time to time and develop the mock tests accordingly.

    However, the coaching classes may teach you the basic skills that include note-making, summarizing, and rephrasing, and many more it is equally important to include some habits in your day-to-day life as well. Here are some activities that may hone your skills for TOEFL –

    • Speak English as often and as much as possible. Since the TOEFL exam, unlike many other, measures reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills for English language, it is necessary to work more on the language itself. Communicate with friends and family in English; try to question randomly and answer, turn wise; rectify grammatically; and improve accordingly.
    • The key to speaking fluently is forming accurate sentence structures. Try to learn more structures and ways to put the same expression. Practicing over and over will only make you familiar with the beauty of English language.
    • Listening to the news daily will sharpen your skills. Listen to English news channels on TV and Radio. Not just listen, take notes as well, because note-taking is an essential requirement for the TOEFL exam.
    • Remember there is always an anatomy of pronunciation available for each word. The practice of following the anatomy will improve your speaking skills. Practice this for each 20 new words on a daily basis.
    • For the writing section, towards the end of each day try to write an essay that sums up that day’s major events. In order to break the monotony, try writing about a specific person, one you hate or love the most, or maybe a total stranger. The purpose of this activity is to get accustomed with writing new words, new forms, and new subjects.

    Also, everyone has their own learning pattern. What may work one, doesn’t always work for the other. It is important to start exercising the tips as early as possible to find the most suitable ways for yourself and best possible alternatives for the rest.

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