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  • TOEFL – The English Language Parameter

    TOEFL – The English Language Parameter
    Friday, December 04, 2015

    The Test of English as a Foreign Language is termed as TOEFL. This examination is formulated to check the fluency of the candidates for English. This is conducted in the numerous fields of speaking, writing and listening. Around the globe, this test is considered to be one of the most recognized and valued. There is a reason why many opt for taking tests for TOEFL. One of the most important reasons is that they want to study abroad where English is the main mode for learning. Some colleges and universities necessitate a TOEFL test before enrolling and this becomes the primary reason why students take this test.

     Reasons for testing TOEFL and benefits of Studying Abroad

    • There are various courses that universities and institutes offer abroad that are essential for shaping up a career in a student’s life. Some of these universities necessitate the taking of the TOEFL test to check the proficiency of the students. Some people take this test due to immigration and VISA requirements. So it is taken by the immigration department in some countries. This is also essential for some to get their work permits renewed.
    • Studying abroad will help you to be open to changes. It is essential to cope up with all the changes that is happening with time and make the most of what you have. Your adaptability to an adverse environment improves and this can be greatly beneficial for personal and professional arenas.
    • Studying abroad exposes you to different environments and cultures. These in turn make you aware of international rules and regulations. Knowledge of a foreign culture, language and working conditions is highly beneficial when you start working and come across real life work situations when the tact is the only thing that will get you through the day and such knowledge comes in handy at that point of time.
    • Leadership qualities change and you become more adept at tackling people and situations and emerge on the top of your game.
    • If you study abroad at an emerging nation or in a developed country you will be more familiar with the economic changes and the growth patterns. After completing your course and on commencement of your work, all the knowledge that has been acquired becomes most easy to deal with in the face of evolving economic changes.

    Exam Patterns and Time Management in different countries

    • Various countries have different rules pertaining to the TOEFL requirements. Knowledge of all these help you to be in a better position to pick and choose depending on your requirements. There are always some changes to the test schedules and modifications. It is preferred that you keep abreast of all these changes at any one given point of time. This is necessary to get good scores at your examination.
    • There are training centres and coaching classes in most of the countries to help you with the TOEFL preparation. These classes keep abreast with all the developments that take place from time to time and accordingly prepare you in such a way that you attain good scores. This is mandatory for getting college admissions and studying abroad. Knowledge of the test centres and class can be easily availed online.
    • TOEFL is an accurate assessment of your English language proficiency. It has to be taken online on a desktop. It has a reading segment of around 60-80 min and then there is a listening section of 60- 90 minutes. The written examination is for 50 minutes and there is an interview session that lasts for around ten minutes. There is a short break that is generally conducted in between the reading, writing, listening session and the speaking session.

    Time management and money management are crucial focal points. These are the two most important things when you plan to appear for a test and plan to study abroad. Coaching classes teach you the value of time management and budgetary constraints make money management important. It is always fruitful to balance all the factors and choosing the right path.

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