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  • Top 10 Things to do in Irresistible Ireland

    Top 10 Things to do in Irresistible Ireland
    Friday, October 30, 2015

    Ireland is the twentieth largest island on Earth and it is adorned with the national monuments and world heritage sites that are worth visiting. For tourists visiting the Emerald isle and students enrolled in the impressive educational programmes offered by Irish educational institutions, there are several sightseeing options that are simply irresistible. The fabulous Celtic nature is truly revealed to those who are prepared to look on the far side of the bright lights, in the cities of Ireland. Below mentioned are the top 10 must do and visit attractions during your stay to the island of Ireland-

    1. The Ring of Kerry

    180KM route takes a mystical Celtic trial through the best scenery in Ireland. Muckross House and The gap of Dunloe are the irresistible attractions along with notable attractions like Lough Leane, Ross castle and the Ladies View.

    2. Connemara

    Connemara described as Salvage beauty is famous for unspoilt natural beauty, is situated in County Galway. It provides ample opportunities to explore cycling, golf, hill walking, pony trekking, water sports, camping and horse racing.

    3. Dingle

    This is one of the biggest tourist attractions, which combine Irish character with stunning natural beauty of Dingle peninsula. One can see the irresistible pattern of the harsh weather on the landscape. Apart from various other attractions, one show star is Fungi, the dolphin, the Ireland's most popular sea inhabitant. The Fungi boat ride is sure a money back guarantee.

    4. Golfing in Ireland

    Ireland is the home of champions. Also known as Golfers paradise, it is known for its beautiful landscape, excellent choice of courses and reasonable price. Golf is the major attraction for tourists. Interested people could make use of the four link courses listed in the world's top 100 golf clubs in the world.

    5. The wild Atlantic way

    It is 2400 km ride on the west coast of Ireland, passes through unspoilt villages, which encourages tourists to interact with local people consequently understanding more about Ireland, her history, coastline and culture.

    6. New grange

    The passage tomb is the most historically significant place of Ireland. The prehistoric tomb is 400 years older than the Great Pyramids of Egypt. The special feature that makes new grange tomb most popular is that during winter, a beam of sunlight travels the length of tomb that illuminates the floor.

    7. Dublin Pub Crawl

    The important part of Irish life is Pub. Irish pub and arts have strong connections. In Dublin city centre, one will find large concentration of pubs in connection to famous literary and musical figures.

    8. The Burren

    This is the most interesting and unique landscape located in North Clare, and it holds rare species like fauna and flora in limestone rock formations. This is a famous spot for hikers wherein they explore the unique explosion of colours in the flowers and plants among the grey rocks.

    9. Festivals

    No matter what time of the year you travel to Ireland, the country is chained to have festivals round the year from art festivals to horse racing festivals, etc. The festivals annually held in Ireland include Dublin Theatre festival, which stages the famous artist works, Galway Arts festival, which features artists, musicians and performers and Kilkenny cat laugh, a comedy festival which features top and upcoming comedy talents with choice of more than 85 live performances.

    10. Guinness Storehouse

    One of the most successful beer brands worldwide is Ireland's most famous– Guinness. The storehouse has a self-guided tour and the gravity bar located in 7th floor offers complimentary pint of the drink alongside with a place to relax and enjoy the panoramic view of Dublin city.

    Memorable road trips for cherishing over a lifetime.

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