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  • Top 5 Destinations to Study MBA Abroad

    Top 5 Destinations to Study MBA Abroad
    Monday, August 31, 2015

    Most students are inclined on doing their MBA but you need to be aware of the fact that it is not only the course that matters but the business school from where you do the course does make a whole lot of difference to your career. It is advisable to take your time and choose the business school before you start the process of application. Being able to do your MBA abroad can open a lot many doors which can give you a brighter future with multiple choices in work opportunities, practical knowledge and possibly a permanent resident ship in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada. A few business schools listed below can help you choose one in accordance to your requirement.

    1. USA

     It is known that this is the place where it all started, so doing MBA from here can offer you the best opportunities for jobs and ensure a secure future. You can find some of the most prestigious B-schools in America where you can be assured of an exposure to the latest content, great infrastructural support and equally great internships. Internships in the top most companies expose a student to the real business world environment and are able to groom them in to business executives and entrepreneurs. The main difference in the business schools in the US is networking and interacting with the right people, who in the long run can be helpful.


    To enter in a B-school in USA, you need to make sure of a good work experience as this is preferred more than the academic qualifications. It is essential that the applicants clear the English proficiency tests like IELTS/TOEFL besides the GMAT.

    2. UK

    UK has been termed as the most popular student destination for MBA. As we all know London is considered as one of the leading centres of banking and finance globally. You can look forward to high salaries and excellent job opportunities after the completion of your MBA here as the approach for MBA is rigorous and disciplined. You find most of the top companies on an international level have their base here.

    3. Canada

    Canada is one of the top destinations for MBA for Indian students. Besides being able to provide good education in business, you find multiple opportunities due to the thriving economy with industries like mining, oil & gas and manufacturing. The jobs, which are easily available here for the MBA students seem to attract more students. The possibility of immigration here is also not difficult, which makes Canada an attractive place for students looking to settle abroad. MBA students are offered a work permit ranging from 1 to 3 years which gives student enough time to look for an apt job.

    4. Australia

    Australia seems to gain popularity due to the fact that it can offer students a comprehensive study of the MBA without making any compromises on quality. A student life which is relaxed besides the climate being similar to India and the low cost of education can add to the experience a student has in Australia. You find that the Australian universities offer specialised professional development and training in research, but it is essential to clear the required tests like TOEFL/IELTS, GMAT. You find the student intake happening twice a year, once in January and the next one in September.

    5. Singapore

    Being close, Singapore is gaining popularity as a study destination abroad. This seems to work well if you are considering the finance part of it. The cost of living and education can work up to 10 to 15 lakhs , which is much less as compared to other places. A student can take up a job and work up to 15 hours a week, which is an added benefit where the ‘money’ factor is concerned. Being one of the safest cities due to the stringent government policies, a student can devote all his/her time to the education here. You can think of the Nanyang Business Schhol, INSEAD Singapore, JE Educational College, NUS Business School and the University of Liverpool for your MBA.

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