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  • Top 5 Destinations To Study MS Abroad

    Top 5 Destinations To Study MS Abroad
    Tuesday, August 04, 2015

    An MS degree can make a whole lot of difference to your resume. Just the degree will not do, the kind of school you opt for is important here. Choose the right place to get benefitted totally. You need to choose your college for the MS degree based on quality of education provided here besides the cost and also the reputation it has. We can help you with some countries, which are known for this degree.

    1. The United States

    The US seems to be the first choice of most of the students where education is concerned as here you can find the support you require for your studies besides the excellence in academics. You need to add curricula which is flexible, a wide range of options in education, and the CPT and OPT which can provide a training hands-on. Some universities which can offer this degree in the US are:

    1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    2. California State University

    3. Southern Illinois University

    4. Harvard University

    5. Stanford University

    2. UK (United Kingdom)

    You find in the UK the Master’s courses are not as elaborate as in other countries, so you will be finishing sooner as compared to other places. It might take around one year to do so without any compromises made on the quality. Besides saving on the time it makes a difference to the finance as you save on the fees and also the cost of living. You find that UK has universities which are ranked in the top 100. Studying for your MS degree in UK can also help you get better offers in the job market due to your exposure here. Some universities which you can opt for are:

    1. University of Glasgow

    2. University of Oxford

    3. University of Salford

    4. University of Birmingham

    5. University of Nottingham

    3. Australia

    The qualifications got in Australia are recognised globally and are valued by the employers. You can divide the degrees here into Professional Masters, Traditional Academic Masters, and Professional Development Masters. This professional development master’s give a student multiple opportunities for specialising in any specific area, while a Professional Master’s can help students who have a non-professional background to practice and train in a specific field. You can look for doing your MS in Australia in:

    1. The University of Sydney

    2. Queensland University of Technology

    3. Charles Darwin University

    4. University of Adelaide

    5. University of Canberra

    4. Germany

    A German Master’s Programme

    The only criteria for doing your Master’s in Germany is your academic performance and documents like the certificates, patents, publications and more. The Master’s programmes here concentrate on expertise in the fields of engineering, applied sciences and others related to the same. You can stay in Germany for a period of 18 months after you have completed your Master’s and look for a job in accordance to your qualifications.

    Some of the universities you can opt for are:

    1. University of Berlin

    2. Braunschweig University of Technology

    3. Dresden University of Technology

    4. Technical University of Munich

    5. University of Bayreuth

    5. Canada

    You find that there are more students enrolling for the master’s program in Canada due to its diversity, specialism, portfolio and history of programmes besides the variable sizes of the institutes. A degree or a diploma from Canada is preferred around the world due to its high standards. This seems to be popular among the students as the cost of living and the cost of education seem reasonable.

    You can think of the following universities when choosing to do your Master’s in Canada.

    1. University of Ottawa

    2. University of Toronto

    3. University of Windsor

    4. University of Alberta

    5. Western University Canada

    Benefit of doing your MS abroad

    Most of the students intend to find a job abroad and the best way to do this is doing your master’s from here. Even if you intend returning back to your home country, you will stand out among the other students. Your experience abroad can give you a better understanding of how to think and operate on an international level, besides which you are able to create an international network, improve your language skills and also know different cultures. 

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Comment By Anwar Hussain On Monday, August 10, 2015, 6:33 AM

Hi Team, I am looking to MS either in Canada or Germany, if you can provide me the details. it would be great . Thanks in advance.

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