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  • Useful Tips For Living And Saving Money In UK For Overseas Students

    Useful Tips For Living And Saving Money In UK For Overseas Students
    Saturday, October 24, 2015

    UK is one of the best foreign destinations for higher education. It has a wonderful culture of education with world-renowned universities and an all-inclusive atmosphere. It is a country where you will find students from all over the world studying and enjoying their stay respecting each other’s culture and diversity.

    For students who are gearing up to study in the UK, here are some essential tips that will come handy regarding living in budget and how to save money. Some time ago, the UK was voted as one of the most cost-effective countries for students. So, you can relax. To begin with you should also know what to pack because you won’t be able to carry your world in your suitcase but at the same time, you should ensure that you have the required things with you.

    Here are a few tips:

    What to pack: When it comes to clothing, you must find out what you need and what you won’t but some items are a must in UK. Don’t think that you can go there and buy as some items can turn out to be too expensive or you might not get the time for shopping.

    So, while you pack your clothes for the UK, ensure that you carry at least two jackets for cold weather, one waterproof jacket, a formal outfit, a pair of night wear and workout clothes, formal and casual shoes and socks, gloves and more items to protect from the weather. Also do not forget to pack all essential clothing, such as undergarments, shirts both long sleeved and short sleeved, trousers, jeans, shorts and so on.

    Don’t forget to pack your toiletries, towels, bed sheets, blankets, your phone, glasses, camera, diaries, books if any, and so on. It is best to make a list of things that you need to carry and then tick each one by one, so that you do not forget anything.

    How to save and live on a budget – the most important aspect of studying abroad 

    Cash saving is one aspect that students not only in UK but even other countries need to learn.

    Student Oyster Card: This card can be availed from the Transport for London on application and you can get 30% discount for travelling within London. If you need a discount in travelling all around the UK, then apply for the National Rail Card.

    Tax exemption: Students get tax exemption in rent, provided you apply for it with the Council Tax Office.

    Food at reduced prices: Many supermarkets issue loyalty cards, and with these you can collect points and get discount vouchers. Many stores sell products at 60% discount or more in evenings. Make use of such offers.

    Learn to cook: Your cooking skills can help you save a lot of money. Make your own breakfast by cooking simple items such as pasta, noodles, egg, sandwiches and so on. This way you will not only save money but you will also be satisfied and energised for lectures.

    A part-time job: You can take up a part-time job to meet your expenses but take it up only if you have enough time. Remember, your priority is studies and if you are confident of managing your studies well with a part-time job, then go ahead.

    Textbooks can be borrowed: It is best to borrow textbooks from the library rather than buying them. You can buy second hand textbooks from former students or check out if there are online stores selling at discount.

    Leisure activities for free: If you want to visit tourist places, then check out places that do not charge entry fees. You can also get free entry to museums and historical places with your student card.

    By following these pointers, you can save a lot of money while studying abroad.

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Comment By Shrijeet On Sunday, October 25, 2015, 7:21 AM

Are you sure we can still take part time jobs in uk ? I heard that is no longer valid

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