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  • Visa Requirements for Study in Italy

    Visa Requirements for Study in Italy
    Thursday, December 03, 2015

    For studying abroad, specifically in Italy, you need to be aware of the visa requirements and how to go about this. US students who wish to study in Italy do not require a student visa if opting for a short-duration course of 90 days. Student visa is a must for those who have opted for long term courses lasting for more than a period of 90 days.

    Process of application for the visa

    Check on the Italian Consulate Website that includes your state in the jurisdiction. The documents required along with the instructions and the application is on the website. You have the option of e-mailing or even calling the consulate if you are faced with any doubts. Each consulate has its own set of polices where batch processing is concerned. You can contact and find out the procedures for the batch process. If visas are batch processed then there is no requirement for the student to appear in person. Individual applications require the students to appear in person at the specific consulate.

    Short-stay visa and long-stay Visa

    Students who come to Italy on a short-stay visa of 90 days need to declare their presence here with the Questura, which are the local police. Those students which arrive in Italy on a long-stay visa need to apply for Permesso di Soggiorno within 8 days of their arrival at the local post office. 

    Processing Time for the Visa

    You will need to apply to the Italian Consulates 90 days before the study term. Applications are not accepted before that. Students need to make sure that they are able to book their appointments with the consulate 4 to 6 weeks in advance as there are also limits to the appointments which are filled out quickly. Once the appointment is over, the processing of the visa takes an additional 1 to 3 weeks. On the whole, it can take around 8 to 9 weeks from the time the appointment is booked to when the visa is received. Late applicants cannot be accommodated with an appointment time on the earlier side. Students can make an effort and check out with the consulates for any cancellations and find out if they can be accommodated.

    Student Visa on an Emergency Basis

    If the student needs to leave before the standard processing time of his/her visa, he/she needs to contact the consulate and explain the circumstances. However, there are many consulates who do not entertain emergency situations.

    Change of Visa while Abroad

    There have been instances where students studying in another country have managed to get the required visa for Italy, but many of them have been denied. It is advisable to apply for the same from your home country. In case you are required to extend your visa, the institution will need to request for the same and this is submitted to the police headquarters.

    Travelling before or after the study programme

    As we are aware that a student needs to declare her/his presence in Italy within 8 days of arrival to the local police, so the travel should be planned in accordance to this. The programme of study abroad will be able to provide the information about the time span a student can spend in Italy once the study programme is over. Those who wish to travel Schengen country once the study programme is over are required to contact that country’s consulate for the required information.

    Any problems faced by a student for the Visa Application, the Italian Consulate can be directly contacted, and, even after that in case of any issues a student can take help of the NAFSA’s EA subcommittee of Consular Affairs.

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