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  • Visiting Ireland as a Study Abroad Destination

     Visiting Ireland as a Study Abroad Destination
    Thursday, March 30, 2017

    With a 25% increase in international students’ enrollments in Ireland since 2012, we have always found Ireland and especially its old celtic culture as very mystic and intriguing to our imagination.  According to figures of 2015, students from over 89 countries chose to pursue their higher studies in Ireland. It certainly reflects the global appeal of Ireland as quite a common destination among the international students who prefer to travel to Europe for overseas education.

    Let us look at what makes the country an interesting study abroad destination.

    The Origin…

    The first human settlements in Ireland began about 10,000 years ago while the practice of agriculture came into picture not until 4000 BC. You must be wondering what’s farming got to do here? Well, the advent of agriculture denotes the booming of civilization, and the wonderful community the Irish have turned out now is truly commendable!

    Etymologically, Ireland gets its modern name from an old irish word Eiru, who is held as the matron goddess of sovereignty. More simply put, she is the goddess of this land.


    Did you know?

    Today this university is ranked 131st in the world university rankings 2017!

    Considering the fact that Ireland boasts to have such an old education system that survives even today, it is no wonder that the country is recognized for being a popular global study destination.

    It only makes us delve deeper into the country and know more about it.
    So let’s go…


    Being the second largest island in all the British isles, Ireland became a free Irish state or popularly the Republic of Ireland in 1922. Talking about figures, 5/6th part of this island is the Republic of Ireland while other sixth is called as the Northern Ireland which continues to be a part of the UK. The republic of Ireland is divided into 26 countries while Northern Ireland has 6.
    You will be surprised to know that The Republic of Ireland which happens to be the center of our discussion in this blog carries a lot of distinguishing patterns as compared to Northern Ireland in its culture, language, religious beliefs, governance, politics, music, etc.

    It is said that before travelling overseas, one should have a fair knowledge about their destination. Out of all, the students aspiring to study in Ireland must be aware of what makes Ireland such a promising country so that they can actually enjoy their stay while pursuing their higher education.

    The cultural and regional variations within the Republic of Ireland is quite interesting in the sense that just like every other country, it is divided into:

    • Urban (particularly the capital city of Dublin) and rural areas

    • The West, South, Midlands and The North

    • 4 traditional provinces of Connacht, Munster, Leinster and Ulster

    • Ethnic groups of artisans, traders and entertainers

    • Ethnic minorities of Irish jews, Chinese, Indians and Pakistanis


    Culminating with the boring part, here is the fun side!

    Are there any Language Issues?

    No! The Republic of Ireland recognizes English and Irish as two official languages. Irish Gaelic is the country’s first official and national language. As a matter of fact, majority population in Ireland which is mostly immigrants now speak English.
    It is pretty convincing when you hear that Dublin was designated as the UNESCO city of Literature  in 2010 with a lot of ground breaking impact on English literature. There are now numerous Irish derived words and phrases in English. So much for the language, Isn’t it?

    Fun Fact:

    Boon or bane, you decide!


    To-do things in Ireland for international student

    1. Irish music night:

    The one thing that will never let you leave after studying in Ireland is its traditional Irish music. Book yourself for a night event on Irish Gaelic music and let its sound sink into your every cell. A true detox for your mind and soul!

    2. Dublin city:

    The best breather in this city is its river ‘Liffey’. Walk up to any of the bridges in the city and just feel the air and immerse in its grand medieval history. Known as the Viking city, Dublin is great to explore on foot. As a student you are definitely going to enjoy the artwork, architecture, Iveagh gardens, city park of Merrion Square and not to forget the Alfresco cafe culture of Drury streets.
    Go explore the city while you are finishing off with your assignment!

    3. Festival Capital- Galway:

    Held as the festival capital of Ireland and also one of the fastest growing cities, the city is packed with calendar load of events ranging from jazz music, horse racing, literature fests, oysters, film fests and much more.
    Not only that the city was selected to be the European capital of culture in 2020, Galway is packed with events like Tulca Festival of Visual Arts, the Galway Arts Festival, the Galway Film Fleadh among others.

    Did you know?

    Somethings in this world can never fail to amuse and amaze us at the same time!

    4. Kiss the Blarney stone:

    As the name suggests, kissing this stone will endow you with the powers of blarney, meaning a flattering or eloquent talk. This stone was set in the Blarney castle tower in 1446 and has now become a huge tourist magnet pulling them worldwide to kiss and tour the castle.

    Certainly, you want to go kiss this stone. Blarney will take you places for sure!

    However small the country is, there is no end to this list of things to do or visit while you are studying abroad in Ireland.

    With major IT companies and MNCs like Google, Facebook, PayPal, Pfizer, AirBnB, Yahoo etc establishing their headquarters in Ireland and not only that, the country being the largest exporter of computers in whole Europe, Students can feel assured of their careers ahead.

    So don’t wait and over think, Ireland is calling…!

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