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  • Why Indian Students Prefer Australia?

    Why Indian Students Prefer Australia?
    Tuesday, February 28, 2017

    Acting as a causal influence on our minds discussing the “Things not to miss while studying in Australia” in previous blog post ignited an urge within us to consider digging for the REASON why students, Indians in particular, prefer to study in Australia! Earlier in the post, our discussion predominantly concerned itself with the recreational and extracurricular activities that international students can engage themselves into while studying in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney as both are well connected for travel and exploration.

    Now we are going to elucidate why our fellow Indian students are aspiring to study in Australia. What do they experience during the process of adapting to the colorful biosphere of the lovely continent- Terra Australis!

    Indians In Australia- The Journey!

    You must be wondering about the relation between Indian community and Australia. Well, biologically speaking, an intensive study on DNA reveals that Indians started migrating towards this continent as far as 4000 years ago!
    Rings any bells?
    Of course it does! We Indians are one piece of explorers, aren’t we?
    Leaving all the past behind, Indians today have become the fastest growing community in Australia in every sphere from not merely contributing to the country’s economy and development but creating a colorful mix of ethnicity and culture as well.

    Indian student enrollments in Australian Universities stand tall at the second position after China. As per records from 2015, about 12.1 % out of the total student population in Australia are none other than our Indians students, i.e. (numbers). This not only reflects the staggering awareness among the Indians about brilliant overseas education opportunities that lie in Australia but also the favourable atmosphere of the country for them to grow and evolve! 

    Why Students Prefer Australia?

    The answer to this question lies in the fact that Australia has some of the best student cities in the world providing the optimum habitat which is crucial for a young mind to educate but also the wide spectrum of extracurricular activities for relaxation and social growth.
    It is well supported from the fact that one out of every three students in Australian Universities is international particularly from India!
    Let us take a glimpse clarifying the understanding of what makes Indian students like yourself choose Australia for higher education.

    ADAPTABILITYThe swiftness in adapting to Australian cities’ climate, heterogeneous culture, ethnicity and standard of living makes Indian students think of this country as a perfect liveable option for their higher studies.
    LIVING COSTSThis factor is closely linked with your adaptability and considering the city variation in housing and other prices. Even though the cost of living in Australia is almost 227% higher than India, the country Australia offers many cheap as well as high end costs of living suitable for choice of the Indian students.
    ACADEMICSWith increasing edge over scientific and technological innovation resulting from result oriented academic system, Australia has world’s leading higher education institutions and universities that offer cutting edge academics. The GO8, Group of Eight leading Universities in Australia shines brightly for country’s wonderful education.
    Something most desirable among Indian students!


    Top City Picks by Indian Students

    Out of 50 top urban centers in Australia, there are many cities that come with a tag of being student friendly and out of them come those that are hailed as world’s best student cities!
    But Indian students, just as their mental acuity pick even the best zone for themselves to thrive. Let us have a quick look at the top cities in Australia prefered by Indian students.


    The capital city of Western Australia and world’s fourth most liveable city, Perth is known for its beautiful open skies, long summers and mesmerizing white beaches. No wonder why Indian students prefer to study in Perth considering the decreasing unemployment in the city, cutting edge technology and world-class education.
    Being the most multicultural city in the country, Perth is a community from over 200 nations speaking more than 170 languages with over 100 religions. The city offers wonderful part-time work opportunities as well. Such a dynamic city!


    Held as not only the world’s most liveable city but also the most friendly one, Melbourne has many top ranking universities that quench the never ending thirst of Indian students for higher education. There is no end to writing the perks that Indian students see in choosing to study in Melbourne. The foremost being the fact that this city is one of the UNESCO’s cities of Literature. What else does a student pursuing higher studies abroad want from a city that is renowned for its art, festivals and sports. Yes! Melbourne is Australia’s sports capital.
    No wonder why there are so many Indian students running for Melbourne!


    Called as the sunshine state of Australia, Brisbane offers the best climate across all the seasons! Being Australia’s most affordable city, the fact that this city is developing student friendly accommodations is quite a lucrative factor for Indians to choose Brisbane. Land of the University of Queensland, one of the world’s leading universities, the dining events and festivals that are multicultural in nature along with commendable safety makes this city one of the best student cities indeed.


    There is no means to write about Adelaide without mentioning about the University of Adelaide which comes in the top 1 % of the universities worldwide offering Australia’s top quality study environment for overseas education aspirants.

    The campus life in the universities in Adelaide is filled with sports and lots of club based activities that not only enrich your experience of overseas education but give a new perspective at everything from social engagements to personality development as well!

    Student Visa Policies Simplified

    Now comes the most important aspect that not only Indian students but the international students also consider while preparing for studying abroad in Australia. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) in an attempt to make path for young and talented minds to come to study in the country has made the visa policies and rules quite relaxing.
    We will enlist these few points of Australian student visa policies that become a major factor for Indian students to consider Australia.

    • The student visa assessment levels have dropped in the sense that now students are required to show financial funds for just 12 months of study compared to that of 18 months earlier.
    • DIBP used to accept just the IELTS as an evidence for English language proficiency. However, now it accepts PTE and TOEFL as well.
    • Graduate of bachelor's and master's coursework degrees can apply for two year work visa while it can be increased to three years for master’s by research and to four years for PhD graduates.

    What do we understand now?

    The fact that Australian student visa policies along with work permit rules and permanent residency grind lesser as compared to other study abroad destinations makes Australia a favourable option for Indian students to consider!
    Along the lines of legal framework, the country being regarded as the world leader in numerous study courses such as sports management and science, technology and innovative scientific research and development forms a strong foundation for Indian students. The Australian cities as aforementioned mark the final nail on the wall when students decide to go for Australian universities for their higher education.

    Lastly, we would close it by quoting the words of 28th Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott,

    “Once people come to Australia, they join the team”

    And as we know we, Indians are expert team players! Aren’t we?

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Comment By john milton On Tuesday, June 13, 2017, 5:27 PM

Thanks for sharing nice information to all through the blog. Australia has a lot of skill and non-technical work opportunities. This is the reason that Australia appeals a high percentage of immigrants from all over the world.
Comment By rishitha On Saturday, September 16, 2017, 11:38 AM

want to study in australia

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