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  • Why should you choose to study in new zealand?

    Why should you choose to study in new zealand?
    Saturday, August 05, 2017

    The First thing that comes to our mind when we hear about New Zealand is the word ‘kiwi’. But to answer why, we took to our history lessons and found out that Kiwi is a flightless bird of European Descent and native to this country. The indigenous Maori people of this land called the bird- Kiwi in their language. Today, Kiwi is the national bird of New Zealand and hence its people are fondly called upon as ‘Kiwis’!

    Did you know that New Zealand is the 2nd Most Peaceful Country in the World?

    But we are not here to talk about that. Rather, we want to take you further into finding out how and why New Zealand is a hot study abroad destination not only in the Europe but around the world!


    If there is anything that international students must not worry about while they plan to study in New Zealand then it is the country’s excellent global education system. Let us give a few pointers to make our point:

    • One of the lowest tuition fees in the world.
    • For such a low cost you get to experience British based education with degrees globally recognized for carrying a practical approach and latest modules.
    • The course programs and certificates are thoroughly scrutinized by the universities in New Zealand to maintain high quality and standards.
    • Excellent support structure for international students to help them assimilate and succeed in their studies.


    When the US News tallied their ranking scores to judge New Zealand for its quality of life they took into account a lot of factors to come to the conclusion of imparting it an overall score of 8.5. There are several factors like economic stability, availability of job market, affordability, safety, political stability and health care. All these blend together giving out a perfect experience of the lifetime. New Zealand is a well known study abroad destination for the quality of life that it has to offer.


    We can not always be like our heads buried into books, for a holistic living we all need some fun time where we can pursue activities beyond curriculum. That is exactly where New Zealand excels again. Owing to the varied landscapes in the country, climate of New Zealand varies widely with mainly temperate climate. The best adventure you can have here for free is to explore the country’s wilderness in its Beaches and mountains and go camping. The kiwis are pretty friendly and forthcoming people. There is a big chance that you will land up making lifetime friends and social network.

    Did you know that the first commercial Bungee Jumping originated in New Zealand?


    To understand how New Zealand got its name, let us travel back in the year 1645 when a Dutch cartographers re-named the Staten Landt ( name given to the present day New Zealand by
    another Dutch Explorer Abel Tasman in 1642 ), to Nova Zeelandia after the old Dutch province of Zeeland. Later, James Cook, a renowned british explorer anglicised Nova Zeelandia to NEW ZEALAND!

    Did you know that the indigenous and one of the official language of New Zealand is Māori?

    It is interesting to know what do the indigenous people have to say about their land before the Europeans arrived here. The Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa which means “land of the long white cloud”.


    New Zealand, geographically speaking, is long, narrow and consisting of two main islands that are named as North Island or Te Ika-a-Maui and South Island or Te Waipounamu, where the Geographic Board has allowed the use of both English and Maori names to be used together. The country is known for its widespread islands and coastline which is home to wonderful marine resources. The country also houses one of the largest ‘Exclusive Economic Zone’ in the world.


    New Zealand is home to a large number of industries that contribute to its high income economy allowing it to enter the Economic Freedom Index 2016 among the top 3 in the world. The focus of the industries lies extensively on sealing, whaling, flax, gold, kauri gum, and native timber. Apart from this the brain gain of highly educated professionals from Europe and other regions of the world has contributed much to the booming economy offering a lot of career opportunities to those who come to study in New Zealand for their higher education.


    With everything we have gone through so far, all we can say is that New Zealand is indeed a gold mine for students seeking higher education overseas. Offering such an interesting history, spellbinding natural landscape and beaches and not to forget the excellent internationally renowned education system, all of this definitely makes New Zealand more of an ideal study abroad destination than just a part of your bucket list!

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