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  • Why Study Abroad in the UK: Student Speaks

    Why Study Abroad in the UK: Student Speaks
    Friday, November 25, 2016

    Europe bested the 2016 Best Global Universities Ranking compiled by the U.S News. The country housed 312 schools out of the top 750 led by the University of Oxford! Adding on to it is the Telegraph’s Top 10 countries for University Education that ranked the UK as the top 2.

    For students who have been eyeing the universities in Europe (the UK in particular) for further studies, news like this is a welcoming sight. Then again, rankings alone are not enough reason to make a decision on ‘what, where and why’ of universities.

    Having helped thousands of students get admission in various universities across Europe, it will only be fair if we let the students disclose why you should study in the UK.

    #1 Choice of Courses and Better Support

    Tara LawrenceUniversities in the UK offer over 50, 000 courses, something that India currently isn’t offering.

    For Tara Lawrence (M.Sc program in Marine Environmental Management, University of York), UK gave her the one subject she was looking for. She said, “it had the perfect combination of ecology and management taught courses along with an external research placement.” The availability of this course and the global recognition, the university had meant that she could finally join a PhD program of her choosing anywhere in the world.

    She also commended, “the extensive support and resources offered to students were something I never experienced in my academic pursuits in India”! Apart from the career service, students were also given financial advice, counselling and therapy for those suffering from anxiety and depression.

    #2 Work while you Study: Build your CV

    aastha-khannaWhile considering studying in the UK, the question of financial stability always comes up. Given that the value of £ exceeds that of , it is a reasonable worry. The good news is, international students are usually allowed 20 hours of work per week. And if you need help getting a job, each university has their own Career Services wing for assistance.

    A student who benefitted immensely from it is Aastha Khanna, currently pursuing BSc in Film and Television Production, University of York. Astha shared with us  “In my free time, I’ve taken up a lot of small jobs that the professors lay out as CV building opportunities.” She credits these opportunities for the skills that she learnt in her course.

    #3 High-Quality Education

    likith-balakrishnaOne of the most proclaimed advantage of studying in the UK is the experience of world-class education where students are encouraged to express their ideas and think for themselves. Likith Balakrishna calls it a ‘Journey of Discovery’, and shares with us his remarkable experience of studying Business Management at the University of Chester.

    In my experience, the approach towards education in India is based upon group studies or a prescribed system where all the teaching and course materials are provided by lecturers and professors, whereas the UK education system is focussed more on an individual research to bring out more creative ideas and encourage self-improvement. The UK offers a perfect life, work and study balance.”

    He applauded the university’s extracurricular activities and other student services for helping him gain more self-confidence and have a more, organised, systematic and planned approach to life.

    #4 Best Research Program

    swapneelAccording to Research Assessment Exercise, 54% of the research conducted by the UK universities and colleges is classed as 'world-leading'! Is it really that reputable? Yes!

    Swapneel Pathare, who pursued M.Sc. Marine Environmental Management at UK shares with us how much his research project helped him build a strong CV. “For summer placement we had to spend a specific period of time working on a research project outside the University of York.”

    Swapneel chose to work at the Misaki Marine Biological Station (MMBS) in Japan, which proved to be a great learning experience from the marine research perspective as well as from the educational point of view. He further adds, “These experiences have crafted my approach into a new mould, thereby improving my eligibility and capacity of working with leaders in the field of marine and education in India.”

    #5 Obtain a Full-Time Job

    nidhi-modiWould it surprise you if we told you that it is possible to obtain a full-time job in the UK after graduation? Nidhi Modi, a Security Analyst Developer at Centient Ltd. in Hampshire, United Kingdom is the example that you can.

    How did she get it? With professionals telling you that there are 0.01% chances of getting a full-time job in the UK, Nidhi tells us that she thought so too until she attended a career counselling seminar. She confides, “During the seminar, we realised that the trick is to impress the employer with your knowledge, be ready and confident to make them ready to sponsor your working Visa.

    In the next interview, she impressed the employer with her knowledge and confidence, so much so that the employers readily sponsored her working visa!

    So, are you ready to consider the UK as your next study destination? Need we say more!

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