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  • Work While You Study Options In Australia

    Work While You Study Options In Australia
    Thursday, July 16, 2015

    Yes, it is possible for international students to work while they are pursuing their studies in Australia. The employment can complement their education and living expenses in the country. Some jobs can even help them gain considerable work experience in their chosen field of study. The Australian government allows student visa holders to undertake a job.

    The majority of such visas allow the students to work for a maximum of 40 hours every two weeks when the university is in session. Students can work any number of hours without any restrictions during vacations or scheduled session breaks.  However, students have to ensure that the terms of their visa enables them to take up employment. The three main kinds of employment that students can apply for are Paid Work, Internship and Volunteering: 

    Paid Work

    Australia boasts of a thriving community of industries, many of which offer part time job opportunities for students. International students can easily find work in the retail, hospitality, agricultural or tourism industries. They can also apply for sales or telemarketing jobs. Tutoring is another major possibility. 


    Internships in Australia can be paid or unpaid. Either way, the internships provide a good opportunity for students to get exposed to the industries of their choice. Internships are available in financial, creative or other professional services.


    A number of charities and NGOs operate within Australia. These organisations require volunteers to help them with their activities. Volunteering allows the students to enjoy varied experiences along with possible work experience

    Rules of Employment for International Students

    The Australian government allows international students to apply for work with a valid Student Visa. However, their employment is subject to various rules.

    If the institution of the student is in session, the student can only work for 20 hours each week. Students can work full time during official holidays.

    International students are allowed to arrive in the country before their courses start, up to 90 days in advance. This period cannot be used to work. A student can take up a job only after the course has commenced. 

    The rule of 20 hour limit each week is not applicable for all kinds of work. In some courses, the student has to undertake work as a part of their training or studies. This work is not covered by the rule. On the other hand, unpaid or volunteer work is restricted by the rule.

    International students who work more than what the rules allow are liable to get their visas cancelled. If the students do not get the right to work with their Student Visa, they need to make a separate application seeking permission to work.

    Tax File Number

    International students require a Tax File Number before they can be hired for work. The Tax File Number or TFN is also required to open a bank account in Australia. The TFN is similar to the social security number used in the United States of America. The number is used for filing tax reports and critical government documents. Apply to the Australian Tax Office to get the TFN.

    Students have to file their tax returns when working and the returns are tracked with the TFN. International students generally receive refunds when filing their tax returns.

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Comment By Rahul Kumar On Saturday, July 18, 2015, 11:51 AM

Partime becomes necessary for international students because its not Only provide money for livelihoods but also help them to gain experience in the field of their resurch and studies. There is quite good rules in countery like Australia that student can work only for 20hrs a week so that they get ample time for studies and other activities.

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