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  • Working in New Zealand - Student and Graduate Options

    Working in New Zealand - Student and Graduate Options
    Friday, July 03, 2015

    Did you know that Indian students are second largest in number among international students in New Zealand. A recent study notes that there are around 12,000 Indian students enrolled in various universities. Indians constitute 12 percent of the total number of foreign students.

    If you are planning to study in New Zealand and are checking out opportunities to work while you study, the good news is you can work. If you are on a student visa, you will be able to work part-time. Part-time work for a student should count around 20 hours per week. You can work full-time during scheduled holidays. However, there are some terms and conditions that you are required to follow.

    Work While Studying

    While it is true that you can work for 20 hours in a week, there are certain requirements that students need to fulfil. Given below is a list of seven requirements that has to be met if you want to work while you study in New Zealand:

    • You should be enrolled in a study programme for a minimum of two years. Any course that is less than two years duration may not allow you to get employed.
    • The course you have enrolled for as an international student should help you gain scores under New Zealand’s Skilled Migrant category.
    • It is also important for you to take up the English language course in the country. The English language course you apply for should meet the conditions approved by the Immigration Department, New Zealand.

    Job Options make Studying in New Zealand Lucrative

    New Zealand has recently extended the work rights for international students in the country. Now students who are enrolled in doctorate and research-based postgraduate courses are also allowed to work full-time.

    Work Opportunities after Completion of a Course

    If you have an offer of employment by a company that is based in New Zealand, you can definitely work. However, to do that, there are certain prerequisites you must meet:

    • You must have completed the Course that you had enrolled for. Minimum completion time for a course is three years.
    • You have evidence of an offer of employment by a company that is relevant to the course that you have completed.
    • You need to possess a Graduate Job Search Work Permit.
    • You need to have the evidence that your Work Permit has been applied for and that it has been made within three months after your Student Permit for the enrolled course has ended.
    • You must remember that you can apply for a Work Permit for not more than two years to obtain a suitable practical experience, which should comply with your qualification.

    Working without an Employment Offer after Completion of Course

    New Zealand offers you the opportunity to work in the country despite not possessing an employment offer if certain requirements are met. Those are:

    • It is mandatory for you to have completed the course that you enrolled for and should have points under the Skilled Migrant Category of Residence Policy.
    • It is compulsory to have a minimum of $2,100 available with you to maintain yourself.
    • You must have applied for Work Permit. It has to be made within a period of three months from the date of expiry of your Student Permit.

    International students in New Zealand have the benefit of gaining valuable work experience alongside their qualification, preparing them for an excellent career in their chosen field.

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