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The Australian National University (ANU)

1.Overview of the institution

One of the world’s leading universities, the Australian National University (ANU) is recognised internationally for its excellence in teaching and also the facilities of innovative and in-depth research. As a leading national university of Australia, ANU is committed to serve the national and international community by educating the leaders of the future.

2.Location and facilities

ANU’s main campus, Acton, is located in the heart of Canberra, the National Capital Territory. They also have smaller campuses in the Mt. Stromlo Observatory, Siding Spring Observatory, North Australia Research Unit, Kioloa Coastal Campus and ANU Medical School where they conduct research, fieldwork, hold conferences and have student accommodation.

Student Facilities at the university include the creative arts learning community and cross-disciplinary student academy. The SIGN Mentoring Programme has students mentoring new students that come to the university and ease them into the Australian system of education and life.

The student union has several clubs and societies that students can become a member of as well. The sports facilities too are state of the art for any sportsman that joins.

3.Departments/Subject areas

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

Research School of Humanities & the Arts

Research School of Social Sciences

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Australian Centre on China in the World

Crawford School of Public Policy

Regulatory Institutions Network

Research School of Asia & the Pacific

School of Culture, History & Language

School of International, Political & Strategic Studies

ANU College of Business & Economics

Australian National Centre for Audit and Assurance Research

National Centre for Information Systems Research

Research School of Accounting & Business Information Systems

Research School of Economics

Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies & Applied Statistics

Research School of Management

ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science

Research School of Computer Science

Research School of Engineering

ANU College of Law

ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment

ANU Medical School

Fenner School of Environment & Society

John Curtin School of Medical Research

Research School of Biology

Research School of Population Health

Research School of Psychology

ANU College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences

Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science

Mathematical Sciences Institute

Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics

Research School of Chemistry

Research School of Earth Sciences

Research School of Physics & Engineering

Other areas

Gender Institute

National Centre for Indigenous Studies


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5. Rankings

  • 2014 QS World University Rankings: 25th in the world

  • 2014 Times Higher Education Ranking: 61 - 70

  • 2014 Academic Rankings of World Universities: 74th in the World

  • 2014 Academic Rankings of World Universities: 2nd in Australia

6. Careers: Unique student support

The Careers Centre has tailor-made sessions for all students. They conduct employer events, career guidance sessions as well as one on one appointment with students to discuss their profiles.