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Birmingham City University

1. Overview of the institution

BCU has a community of more than 22,000 students who learn from first-rate teaching staff, and study in a vibrant, multicultural environment that’s only a couple of minutes away from the exciting city of Birmingham. The university has invested in innovative student support that involves cutting-edge mobile learning as well as teaching research that increase the value of the courses. BCU has also been rated as one of UK’s top 30 institutions for placing students in graduate-level jobs resulting in 90 per cent student employability rate within six months of graduation.

2. Location and facilities

In spite of the university’s rich heritage, BCU constantly invests to serve students with improved facilities and ensure they benefit from a state-of-the-art learning environment. Besides housing the best learning facilities, some of the other facilities available on campus include practice rooms, a Conservatoire café and a bar. The university has been ranked as one of top 10 universities in UK for spending on facilities, by the Complete University Guide 2013.

3. Departments/Subject areas

• Art and Design (33)

• Built Environment (11)

• Business (24)

• Computing and Maths (18)

• Education (7)

• Engineering (10)

• English (9)

• Health (17)

• Law (7)

• Media (25)

• Music and Theatre (10)

• Social Sciences (10)

4. Scholarships

UK provides ample scholarships in various subjects including arts, health sciences and music and creative writings. The students can benefit from merit-based scholarships, minority-based scholarships, student-specific scholarships, need-based scholarships and college-specific scholarships. For more information on scholarships, you can contact the Chopras Overseas Consultants.

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5. Rankings

Complete University Guide: Ranked 82nd in the UK

6. Careers: Unique student support

Students at BCU can kick start their careers with the help of the Career Consultants team who offer advice, support and knowledge to make themselves job ready. Students may also develop their employability skills with the help of the virtual learning tool, Moodle.