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Lancaster University (L14)

1. Overview of the institution

In 2014, Lancaster University celebrates its 50th year. The university lays its strength and emphasis on the students’ experience and employability. Lancaster is one of the handful of institutions that follows the collegiate system. The university’s campus is home to over 3000 international students from over 100 countries. The institution is also known for its various affiliations like to the N8 Group, ACU, AACSB, AMBA, NWUA, EQUIS, Universities UK.

2. Location and facilities

Bailrigg in the city of Lancaster, North West of England, is home to Lancaster’s 360-acre parkland site. Sitting on top of a hill, the university is self-sufficient and one needs to visit the city centre only if they want to.

The campus boasts of being a mini-township. It has banks, post office, beauty parlours, general stores and even its own travel agent. They have their own university run hotel as well.

On the 360-acre property, the sports facilities available vary from any indoor games you can think of to all outdoor games as well. Facilities have been made for synthetic courts that are floodlit so that everyone has a chance to use these facilities despite the English weather and time.

They have an on-call doctor as well as a private dentist on campus.

3. Departments/Subject areas

There are 4 main faculties. They are:

  1. Arts and Social Sciences

  2. Health and Medicine

  3. Management

  4. Science and Technology

These have a range of subjects that fall under their purview. They are

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Division of Biomedical and Life Sciences

  • Chemistry

  • School of Computing and Communications

  • Economics

  • Engineering

  • English and Creative Writing

  • European Languages and Cultures

  • History

  • Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

  • Lancaster Environment Centre

  • Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts

  • Lancaster Medical School

  • Law

  • Linguistics and English Language

  • Management School

  • Management Science

  • Marketing

  • Mathematics and Statistics

  • Natural Sciences

  • Organisation, Work and Technology

  • Physics

  • Politics, Philosophy and Religion

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

4. Scholarships

Most institutions have certain core competencies that form the foundation for their research, education delivery and reputation. Hence, in order to enhance their ideologies and knowledge systems, universities introduce programmes and study abroad scholarships that are unique to their prestige. These study international scholarships opportunities are highly competitive and are awarded on the basis of various factors including academic, personal achievements, extra-curricular activities, overall profiles, etc. They often award in the form of a reduced tuition fees. Based on your merit, The Chopras Overseas Consultants match you to the right university. With extensive partnerships with colleges worldwide, we have all necessary resources to match talent with study overseas scholarships.

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5. Rankings

  • 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities: 30-33 in the UK

  • 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities: 301-400 in the world

  • 2014 QS World University Rankings: Ranked 25th in UK

  • 2014 QS World University Rankings: Ranked 156th in the world

  • 2013 Times Higher Education: Ranked 18th in UK

  • 2013 Times Higher Education: Ranked 137th in the world

  • 2015 Complete University Guide: Ranked 11th in UK

  • 2015 The Guardian: Ranked 10th in UK

  • 2014 Sunday Times Ranking: Ranked 12th in UK

6. Careers: Unique student support

Since Lancaster University focuses on Student employability, their career service is one of England’s best.

The Lancaster Award was created by the university in conjunction with employers to help the students explore their potential outside the classroom and be honoured as well. The award is a non-academic award and looks at the extracurricular activities a student has participated in throughout the year.

The MBA cohort has their own career advisor who helps them through the ropes of how to present themselves above the rest.

Lancaster University Careers Knowledge Bank is a treasure chest of career videos, CV guides, Interview Tips and Employer insights that are only available to the students of the university.