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Hult International Business School

1. Overview of the institution

In 1964, Arthur D. Little Inc., a management consulting firm set up the Management Education Institute in Boston and developed a one year accelerated Master’s Degree programme for business leaders. The next four decades saw the dramatic growth of the institute reaching milestones in every decade. In 2003, the institute was renamed Hult International Business School, honouring benefactor Bertil Hult.

In the next ten years, Hult International Business School collected many accolades. The AMBA accreditation in 2005, opening of the Dubai campus in 2008, making it to the top 100 global MBA rankings in 2009, opening of the San Francisco campus in 2010, opening a flagship campus in Shanghai in 2011 as well as being ranked #3 in International Business in the Financial Times Ranking the same year; all these added to the credibility of this business school. 2012 saw Hult becoming one of the world’s largest business schools in London and opening a full campus in Dubai. 2014 saw an alliance with Ashbridge Business School, and Hult beat 100 other schools to win the Association of MBAs’ (AMBA) 2014 MBA Innovation Award for the redesigned MBA curriculum.

2. Location and facilities

Hult International Business School has campuses in 7 different cities. Students can maximise their study experience by studying in 3 different locations in the year that are at Hult.

Post graduate study

    • Boston
    • San Francisco
    • London
    • Dubai
    • Shanghai
    • New York
    • Miami

Undergraduate Study

    • San Francisco
    • London
    • International Option




3. Departments/Subject areas

• One-Year MBA
• Executive MBA
• Master of International Business
• Master of Finance
• Master of International Marketing
• Master of Social Entrepreneurship
• Bachelor of Business Administration

4. Scholarships

The U.S.A university scholarships are of various types, such as merit –based, need-based, student-specific, career-specific and college-specific. So students from financially weak backgrounds or those belonging to a particular minority group get special attention so that they can fulfil their dream. Moreover, academic credentials are emphasised while selecting candidates for merit-based scholarship programmes. You can contact the Chopras Overseas Consultants for getting the required information about the U.S. scholarships.

To know more about U.S.A University Scholarships Click here.

5. Rankings

Financial Times rankings

  • Listed in the Financial Times 100 Top Business Schools in 2014.
  • Financial Times ranks Hult as the 61st best business school in the world
  • Financial Times ranks Hult 4th for International Business
  • The Financial Times ranks Hult 2nd in International Course Experience
  • Financial Times ranks Hult 7th for International Students
  • The Financial Times ranks Hult 8th for International Board
  • Financial Times ranks Hult 10th for International Faculty

The Economist rankings

  • The Economist ranks Hult as the 55th best business school in the world
  • 32nd best business school in North America
  • The Economist ranks Hult as the 1st for international exchange opportunities
  • The Economist ranks Hult as the 1st for diversity of industries recruiting graduates
  • The Economist ranks Hult 6th in internationalism of Alumni

Bloomberg Business week rankings

  • Bloomberg Business week ranks Hult 21st in the international category, as well as in the top ten for employer satisfaction.
  • Ranked 10th among international schools for employer satisfaction (Business week, 2014)
  • Ranked 21st best international business school (Business week, 2014)

6. Careers: Unique student support

Hult International Business School has a strong and active career services centre at all their locations. As their curriculum is based on industry demands students are given occasions to interact with potential employers on a regular basis. Internships too are encouraged, to gain an insight into the working of different industries.

Students also have the additional option to study in any other location for a semester which gives them a chance to experience academic and cultural life in more than one place. The multicultural student cohort also gives all students an opportunity to truly imbibe an international environment.

With free electives for life, alumni can continually head back to any Hult location to explore the latest business trends or brush up on different business school subjects. They can update their knowledge by attending these elective courses for free, barring a small fee for course materials.

There are 2500 current students and over 11000 alumni from over 140 nationalities.